Spaaah Finds for a Summer Spa Staycation

Summer vacation. I remember when I was in school and those two words were like a mantra propelling onward towards the end of the school year and a summer of sleep-away camp followed by an annual family vacation to a place I’ve never been before. But now, between the state of the economy and our busy lives, who has the means to take a summer vacation? Well, here are some things to help transform your home into a spa staycation oasis so you don’t need to go anywhere.

Bath Salts from nima nyima


Fill your staycation bath with the fragrant essential oils of jasmine, neroli, frankincense and juniper with products from nima nyima. The Natural Himalayan Pink Bath Salts blend naturally occurring rock salt, pure essential oils and gemstone infusions that soothe away stress and promote detoxification. For a truly relaxing bath, steep one of the herbal sachets along with the salts in a tub filled with hot water. Visit or spa sets at

Luxury Robes from Sleepyheads

You’re always tempted to buy the robe hanging in the closet of your hotel room. It looks so cozy and fluffy tied at the waist and so inviting on that satin hanger. And yet, you never actually do purchase it. But with – a sister company of, you can leave the robe in the hotel room and use the extra space in your suitcase for other souvenirs. The Bath Robe Shoppe robes and practical spa wraps, such as the Lomanve Luxury Chenille & Sateen Full Length Robe, are often carried by the top hotels and resorts. Whether you prefer terry cloth or a soft satin, PJ’s or lingerie, Sleepy Heads has everything you need.

Candles and Skincare from Gold Canyon

It’s all about ambiance when planning your spa staycation. Gold Canyon’s Aroma Gold candles are made with pure essential oils and therapeutic blends of Eucalyptus Mint, Cedarwood & Ylang; Lavender Vanilla or Herbal Spearmint. Also available is a line of uniquely packaged gifts, specifically “Fabulous You” – a gift set of TEN (a floral musk fragrance candle) along with a Fleur delis Wick Dipper in a beautiful chocolate brown keepsake box and pink grosgrain ribbon. And just as you’d find in your hotel shower, there’s the Emerge Bare Necessities set containing all the bath and body necessities including a white loofah in a pink cosmetic bag. Visit

Décor from Bestow Boutique

So what if the décor of your bedroom doesn’t exactly scream destination spa oasis? And who cares if there are never any mints left on your pillowcases? Bestow Boutique carries a variety of chic, sophisticated and glam products to help turn your bedroom into a ‘boudoir’. Check out their faux fur throws and pillows for the ultimate indulgence or these 400-thread count Egyptian cotton pillowcases which come embroidered with “His” or “Hers”. They are sold separately so you can create any combination of the two. Add some mints on your pillowcase and you have the perfect end to the day.

Lavender Sleep Masks from Cozy Petal

These lavender scented sleep masks from Cozy Petal are sure to put you in a blissful state of mind at any time of day. Whether it’s a power nap you need or some quality REM sleep, these masks enhance that shuteye with some much needed luxury. Choose from patterns of Paisley Silk, Embroidered Purple Flowers, Ivory Swirl Print, Eucalyptus Green Leaf Embroidery, and Peach Floral Embroidery.

With these products taking you from your bath to your bed, you’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated. Now isn’t that what a vaca…I mean, staycation is all about?

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