Spaaah Finds for Mother’s Day

She took care of you when you were sick, attended every ballet recital and she’ll baby-sit your children free of charge. She’s your best friend in the world, and she gives you unconditional love (and only a smidgeon of guilt, right?). How can you possibly express your gratitude? The gift of spa is a good start.

Valsey & Me Personalized Soaps

Inside this handcrafted paper-mache treasure chest are 40 individual soap chips (each measuring 2″ x 1″ by 1/8 ” thick, perfect for single use). With its elegant presentation and personalized messages, The Valsey & Me Personalized Soap Box is hands down one of the most perfect housewarming/hostess gifts ever! Each chip is hand cut, made using only the finest natural ingredients and comes in one of 5 scents. Each piece of soap is individually hand wrapped and then personalized with your name or other phrase of your choice. These soaps are so pretty, you won’t want anyone to actually use them! But don’t fret; you can always get a refill! Visit

Deep Sea Cosmetics

My mom and I discovered Deep Sea Cosmetics at an upscale mall in Miami. The saleswoman convinced my mom to let her try the nail system out on her and as if starring in an infomercial, my mom instantly became a believer. It’s been almost a month and her polish-free nails are still shiny after spending only a few minutes with their incredible nail buffer at the mall. This relatively inexpensive (when you consider adding up those frequent manicures) and easy to use nail kit will have you believing too. Trust me. Visit for this and other products rich in Dead Sea minerals.

Soulstice Everyday Spa


Founded and developed by spa professionals, Soulstice Everyday Spa’s luxurious skin and body treatments nourish, hydrate, cleanse and protect all skin types. With a variety of cleansers, creams and exfoliating scrubs to choose from, you can put together the perfect set for your mom and turn her bathroom into a destination spa oasis on a daily basis! In particular, I love the notes of rose, jasmine & tuberose in the Imagine Crème Cleanser. Visit

Sean John’s Unforgivable Woman Champagne Bubble Bath

You can’t get much cooler than the multi-tasking master, Sean “P Diddy” Combs. The Sean John Unforgivable Woman Champagne Bubble Bath is perfect for any woman who loves to wear perfume and as he puts it – “get her sexy on”. Trust me, the tub will be filled to the ceiling with fragrant bubbles that smell just like the perfume. Visit

Spa Moments™ Timeless Passage Gift Set from

Capture a bit of spa serenity each day with this soothing Spa Moments™ Timeless Passage Gift Set. It contains a lavender scented Herbal Neck Wrap (which can be placed in the microwave for warmth), a Body Oil Blend, and a Spa Music CD. It is boxed and ready to be wrapped. Find this and a variety of other spa products at

Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy these Spaaah Finds!

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