Spaaah! Finds for the At-Home Massage


At least once every night, I take my husband’s hands and place them on my shoulders in my not so subtle attempt to get him to massage me. He then does the same to me and after a few futile tries back and forth, neither one of us ends up with a massage. Well, after some research, I found some tools of the trade to help make the act of massage a little more inviting for the masseuse. Some of the tools even render the masseuse totally unnecessary, leaving you and your loved one ready and willing to perform some other desirable ‘tasks’.

Massage Star from Acuforce

Did your hubby pull a muscle at the gym? Are you too sore to stick to your NYC marathon training schedule? Don’t fret. The Massage Star from Acuforce is used by the vast majority of professional & college sports teams in the country but virtually anyone can use the product successfully. It’s small enough to fit in your purse but powerful enough to get the job done. It even comes with a consumer-friendly instructional DVD. Visit

At-Home Hot Stone Massage from Princess

Yet another reason to get addicted to QVC. The Hot Stone Massage from Princess lets you bring this luxurious high-end spa treatment home with you. The heating base contains four stones for the body and two small stones ideal for pressure points. With two heat settings and clay-baked stones that can retain heat for a long time, Princess will have the recipient of this massage stress-free and feeling…..well… a princess. Visit or contact [email protected] to find out how and when to get your hands on these hot stones.

HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion

Come on, you know you’ve tried this type of thing at Sharper Image or Brookstone….maybe even fell asleep in the store while doing so. Now you can get a HoMedics Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion shipped right to your door. Moving dual massage mechanisms provide an amazing massage experience. The remote control offers six massage programs including Shiatsu and deep rolling massage styles and there’s an optional soothing heat setting…all for the price of one massage at the spa. Visit

Massage Tools from Spa Sister

Massage Stick & Massaging Body Brush

You can always count on your sister, right? That includes your Spa Sister. The convenient and affordable massage accessories from Spa Sister are certainly reliable for providing relaxing pressure point relief just like in a professional Shiatsu massage. In particular, the versatile Massaging Body Brush contains tiny wooden nodes that deeply massage pressure points and knotted muscles while also improving circulation and toning skin. Visit or

Therapeutic Massage at Home Instructional DVD from Healing Circle Massage

For some, good massage technique comes naturally, but to make sure you’re doing things correctly, watch the instructional massage DVD, Therapeutic Massage at Home: Learn to Rub People the RIGHT Way. Licensed massage therapist Kathy L. Gruver made this DVD with beginners in mind. It covers basic anatomy, hand positions and a complete back and neck massage that you follow along with. The relaxing music and fun guessing game with massage terminology help keep this video both informative and watchable. Visit or Kathy’s site,

With these massage tools, my tired hands are a thing of the past and my hubby is one content guy. Of course, no at-home massage is truly complete without lighting some candles, cuing the music and pouring the wine. Add some massage oil and you’re good to go. Happy Massaging!

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