Spaaah! Finds for the Soap-aholic


If you consider yourself a true spa-connoisseur, or spa-nnoisseur, then you probably notice every spa related detail and nuance…such as the handmade soap nestled daintily in the antique soap dish next to the vintage hand towels and lightly scented candles. These soaps can inspire an entire bathroom’s décor and sometimes they can smell good enough to eat. The only problem you may run into with these soaps? They’re almost always too pretty to actually use. But go ahead, you can always buy more!


For the fun, flirty, sexy at-home spa, try this kitschy lip-shaped soap from Agoodnightkiss. This luxurious handcrafted soap features a skin-soothing recipe of shea butter, nettle extract, chestnut root extract, burdock extract and oat extract. And the scent of essential oils will make you want to curl up on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace and do some smooching on your own. Visit

Sweet Grass Farm

The country girl who can’t put down her romance novels will love these handcrafted soaps from Sweet Grass Farm. Made of high-quality olive, coconut and soybean oils, fresh New Hampshire spring water, and nutrients, these soaps are specially made and formulated to keep you clean and moisturized for a very long time. Favorite ‘flavors’ are Baked Apple and Cream and Rosemary Lavender. And if you’re more than a little bit country, Sweet Grass also carries the Farmhouse Triple Milled Soaps, perfect for both the bath and the kitchen. Visit

Beekman 1802 Honey Bar

I never thought a soap could pull off being sophisticated but the BEEKMAN 1802 Honey Bar with Goat Milk manages to do just that. This massive landscape of (goat) milk and honey is completely chemical-free and unscented – redefining simplicity. And this large block of soap is ideal for cutting off slivers for one-time use (Brilliant!). Not only does this make your soap last longer, but it puts an end to those mushy soap remnants forever! Visit

Coco-Zen Chocolate Mint Bliss

Warning: Do not operate this soap if you have a sweet tooth…or are on a diet of any kind. The Chocolate Mint Soap from Coco-Zen is made from Fair Trade organic ingredients (including actual organic chocolate cocoa powder) and really does smell good enough to eat (though doing so is probably not a good idea). You can purchase this calorie-free decadent treat at

Lanikai Bath & Body

To make your at-home spa into a tropical oasis, escape with the natural handmade Hawaiian soaps from Lanikai. Their handmade soaps come in Sweet plumeria, gardenia, pikake, pineapple-coconut, island rain, and awapuhi seaberry and their natural loofah soaps will lightly brush away dry skin so that you look and feel like you just got home from your honeymoon. The Pineapple Coconut scented loofah soap brings back memories of sipping pina coladas on the beach at sunset. So, if a visit to Maui isn’t on the horizon, just visit

Handsoap should never be an oversight. These pretty little bars of scented heaven often are literally the last impression of your at-home spa experience. Chocolate, coconut, honey, apples, milk – the list is endless…so, what’s your indulgence?

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