Spaaah! Finds for Turning your Home into a Spa

You look fabulous in the dressing room of the store, but seem frumpy and cheesy when you try the outfit on at home. You have the best big salad at the restaurant down the block but when you get it delivered, you could barely keep it down. And that aromatherapy candle you love so much in the spa’s bathroom ends up giving you a massive headache in your own bathroom. Well, keep reading for some surefire ways to reverse this phenomenon and recreate that perfect spa ambiance in your own home…without getting buyer’s remorse.

Sheet & Clothing Spray and Vacuum Beads from The Good Home Co.

There’s a pile of dirty laundry the size of Vesuvius sitting in the corner, but your mom is on her way over. What’s a girl to do? Simply spray a little non-staining Sheet and Clothing Spray from the Good Home Company on your pillowcase, sheets or clothing to release the scent of your choice (i.e. Pure Grass, Beach Days, Paris Rain, Italian Citrus and for the insomniacs out there, Lavender). And when you’re actually inspired to vacuum, be sure to use their vacuum beads. Your mom will be impressed! Visit to purchase these and other products.

Spa Music from Eclipse Spa

Alright, so the massage therapist probably has a lot to do with it, but you’d be surprised just how influential that spa music is for putting you in that meditative trance at the spa. Fortunately, your iPod travels with you back home. So, download the relaxing songs from Escape Volume 1 from Eclipse Spa, sit back, soak in a hot bath, and enjoy this collection of music that is destined to bring you deep feelings of tranquility. To order the CD and purchase other great spa-at-home products, visit

Bamboo Towels & Robe by Amlavi

Oh…My…God is all I could say when I first felt the bamboo towels from Amlavi. Known for using the very best natural bath products, while maintaining a connection to the earth, the air, and water, Amlavi is truly accomplishing their goal to “change the world one bath at a time”. Their Bamboo Fiber towels and robes are luxuriously soft, amazingly absorbent, antibacterial and anti-microbial all in one. Towels come as a full set of one bath sheet, hand towel and wash cloth. To purchase these and other products ranging from organic t-shirts to natural soaps and bath salts, and to help support The American Forests Organization, visit

Towel Warmer from Mr. Steam

Ok, so now that you have the softest towel ever, what better way to enhance that luxurious spa experience than with a state of the art towel warmer in your very own bathroom? The mr.steam™ series 200 towel warmers are available in a variety of finishes that blend well with any décor (i.e. polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel and white), come with a 5-year limited warranty and each has, as standard, an aromatherapy oil well. Visit for more information on a variety of upscale, and high quality steam products including towel warmers, shower speakers, shower seats, aromasteam™ and chromasteam™ systems.

Decorative Bamboo Charcoal by C-60

If you like your spa experience to feel like a return to nature, you’ll love the products from C-60 Bamboo Carbon Company. The successful spa experience both promotes health and soothes the senses. And what better place to start than with room air that is purified, that smells clean and fresh, and where airborne allergens and odors have been minimized? Their Decorative Bamboo Charcoal for a Healthful Environment in Your Home and Office comes in a display-worthy package and does wonders to filtrate, dehumidify and deodorize the air. It also releases FAR infrared radiation, which is totally safe and helps you relax, eases joint pain, and improves circulation so you can go a few more weeks without that massage. Visit for more information and to purchase products.

It doesn’t take much to make your home into a spa oasis. And with these products, you may even start charging your friends when they come over!

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