The Perfect Bath


I was taking the grand tour through my best friend’s recently renovated home when I walked into her brand new master bath and found a shocking surprise. Hold on a sec. Where’s the tub? Sure, the rain shower with the side jets and stone floor is beyond fantastic but what happens when you want to relax in a luxurious bubble bath? Am I alone in my desire to turn on some Kenny G, pour myself a glass of Cabernet and indulge in a hot bath and find ultimate relaxation in the comfort of my own home? I don’t think so. Well, maybe I’m alone on the Kenny G part. Moving on… With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s time to turn up the heat and the romance by creating the perfect sensual bathing experience.

Bring on the Bubbly


Products from Honeycat & Sothys

No bath is complete without a tub full of bubbles and with products from, you’re sure to bring out your frisky side. Try some of Honeycat’s Coquito Bubble Stuff, their sweet almond oil and cocoa butter-infused Bath Bombs or their new Warm Milk Martini, and you’ll want to purr with delight. A bath on Valentine’s Day is sure to sizzle regardless but why not add some Energizing Bath Essences from Effervescent, playful and revitalizing bath pebbles perfumed with essential oils of eucalyptus, cardamom, nutmeg and neroli, you’ll feel like you’re kicking back in a fizzy flute of the best champagne (available at the NYC Spa, L’Insititut Sothys or by phone, 305-594-4222).

Bring on the Romance


Products from Trish McEvoy, Le Couvent des Minimes & Mistral

There’s nothing like good lighting to make you feel sexy, and this V-Day, candlelight is definitely the way to go. Le Couvent des Minimes’ uplifting scented candle captures the vibrant scent of verbena mingled with a touch of lemon, mint and orange to truly capture a revitalizing bath experience (available at Dillards). Trish McEvoy brings you the closest thing to an ‘eternal flame’ with her Wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle (available at Bloomingdales and Saks). Mistral’s Green Fig Faceted Glass Candle will make you feel as though you’re bathing in the middle of a garden in the South of France with its fragrant orange blossoms and crushed green fig leaves mingled with fresh basil and cedarwood (


Floating Light Hearts

Of course, you can always line your bath with simple and elegant votive candles, but for some added holiday fun, throw in a few Floating Light Hearts. They slowly change color giving your bath a sexy but romantic ambiance.

Bring on the Accessories


Bottomless/Deep Water Bath, Towel Spa Towel Warmer, Supracor Bath Pillow

You can transform even the simplest of bathtubs into a luxurious spa oasis by adding a few practical accessories. Most tubs automatically drain the water at a certain point to prevent overflow, but you can avoid sitting in shallow waters with the Bottomless Bath from and Relax your head on a honeycomb bath pillow from and have warm towels ready in 5 minutes with Towel Spa’s Towel Warmer available at (but not until March). And if you happen to be in the remodeling mode, the pinnacle of luxury can be found in a bathtub. Sanijet’s hydrotherapy baths are designed with vital relaxation features such as personal massage settings, targeted hydrotherapy jets, and soothing chromatherapy lighting. But if that new master bath renovation is still a few years away, you can soak in these tubs at the best luxury hotels including Canyon Ranch at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel and NYC’s Mandarin Oriental.


Bathtub by Sanijet

Bring on the Glow

There’s no shortage of exfoliating bath oils and scrubs on the market, so here are some places to start when whittling down the myriad of choices. If your man has a sweet tooth, you’ll both love the Almond Cookie Body and Bath Oil from Use it as a massage and/or bath oil or wear it as a fragrance for instant irresistibility. For those closer to nature, the lemony scent of Limon Bath Oil from will have you feeling not only silky smooth, but also invigorated and energized for whatever ‘fun activities’ you have planned for later. But if you really want to relax before drifting off into dreamland, try adding a few drops of lavender and jojoba with Calm Massage & Bath Oil from


Products from Carol’s Daughter, Earthworks & Essence of Vali

For those who like it a little ‘rougher’, you can’t go wrong with Uplifting Butter Salt – Mandarin & Cedarwood from Ahava is known for its mud masks, hydrating lotions, and therapeutic bath salts. And for those of us wanting to sail a little more smoothly on the Dead Sea, they even have Dead Sea Liquid Salt Pure and Elemental to get your skin super smooth without any rough edges.


Products from Ahava

You also can’t go wrong with Buffing Grains from Any bath connoisseur will be a big fan of their adorably packaged gift sets; and if you’re traveling this Valentine’s Day, the Bath Bloomers Plan-It Replenishing Kit contains small lip-balm sized tubs of all your bath-time essentials including: their buffing grains, quenching cream, exfoliating lathering gel, bubbling bath salts and even a botanical candle. You don’t even have to remember the matches!


Products from ME! Bath and Bath Desserts

But if salt isn’t your thing, satisfy your sweet tooth with ME! Bath’s signature Choco-holic Bath Ice Creams and Shower Sherbets. The full-bodied, rich chocolate oils will satisfy the most intense chocolate fantasies (without the calories), while infusing the skin with antioxidants to soften it ( You can also pamper your body from head to toe with Bath Desserts’ unique Sorbet Sugar Scrub. All of their products are made with hemp seed oil and when it’s combined with sugar, the result is totally hydrated and silky, smooth skin (

All of the product lines mentioned above can be considered a one-stop-shop for all of your bath-time needs and each brand features things like shower gels, shampoos & conditioners, salts, scrubs, candles and bubbles. Whether you’re creating the perfect romantic bathing experience for you and your Valentine or you’re indulging solo in this ritual o’ relaxation, with these bath-time must-haves, it’ll be more than just Calgon ‘taking you away’!

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