When I was a kid, my mom used to call the stretch of leg from knee to hip the “lonesome road.” Well, that road is not heavily traveled today, but the summer does bring a fair share of rubber-neckers – and I doubt any of us want the stems under our super-skinny minis to look like the scene of an wreck. Treat your legs – and your body – right with spa treatments that target the big issue (cellulite) and products that revive and tone.

If you have cellulite, there is one bright side – it’s might not be your fault. Cellulite may be in your genes, but it doesn’t have to stay in your jeans. A leading cause of cellulite is the level of toxicity in your body. Try an Endermologie treatment at Ajune Center for Beauty Synergy, your one stop shop for detoxifying, reducing, and contouring. The outfit is a little intimidating (a skin-tight bodysuit, think Catwoman) and so is the machine – a large suction base with rollers attached by a long hose to a six-foot tall unit. But Olga, my Endermologie practitioner, assured I would be comfortable, motioning to some buttons that allowed her to control the level of suction. The machine sucks your skin in, and rolls it out, breaking apart cellulite and making it easier for your body to eliminate. I went in expecting an uncomfortable treatment, and was happily surprised that the suction on my upper thigh/butt area actually felt good. The session lasted about 45 minutes, and I was on my way to the wet room for a detox wrap.


Ajune’s Detoxifying Body Wrap was a perfect compliment to the previous treatment, and an invigorating alternative for the summer. Zaza, my extremely knowledgeable therapist, led me through the steps. First, she would start with a walnut scrub with essential oils, I’d shower, and she’d apply an Italian mud with a high marine algae content that would detoxify, stimulate the lymph system, and lock in the essential oils from the scrub. She warned me this would be intensely chilly, but as she slathered on the hot mud and I was wrapped in foil blanket and thick covers, I doubted it. I won’t lie, the next 20 minutes were uncomfortable. The high content of marine algae makes for a minty, menthol-y sensation that is icy. But that gradually fades, and the benefits far outweigh the discomfort – the opposing heat (from the shower’s hot water) and the cold (the mud) gives the same exhilaration as hot and cold plunge pools, and makes for a great summer treatment (you’ll tingle all the way home). The wrap furthers elimination of nasty toxins that could be helping to store fat, and contains copper which helps tone the legs. The treatment concluded with another shower and a light massage with a firming lotion. The only bummer was that I never got the highly-anticipated scalp massage listed in the menu, which surely would’ve helped me relax during those few frigid moments.

Ajune Center for Beauty Synergy
1294 Third Avenue (at 74th Street)

Have your own detoxifying experience at home and perk up legs with these ingredients.

* Caffeine – Forget the coffee. Look for products and apply this topically, because caffeine helps increase blood flow and is well known for its stimulating, anti-fat effects. Try REN’s Revivo-Tonic Cool Comfort Leg and Foot Gel, which also contains copper and zinc to invigorate and tone.

* Essential Oils – Use products with juniper, lemon, cedarwood, cypress, sage, or rosemary to fight cellulite. Massage often with an oil like Jurlique’s Leg Massage Oil, and you’ll help break down fatty deposits, increase circulation, and prevent cellulite from forming.

* Seaweeds Seaweeds increase blood flow, protect moisture, cleanse, purify, and tone. Try SAMPAR’s Go Figure Slimming Gel, which contains red and brown seaweed to help firm skin.

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