To Each Her Own Spa


There are 1,326,792 spas in New York City.

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But the real number can seem just as daunting. New York is home to a myriad of spas, and they can be as unique and individualized as the women that call the city home. This month, we’ve taken the liberty of exploring a handful of great spas and matching up their services and décor to the personalities we feel would be drawn to them. So read on to identify yourself and find your next special sanctuary.

The Couture Fashionista

Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Dior, Givenchy. If it’s the latest and greatest we know you’ve got it covered, but the best accessory can’t be bought in a boutique. So what is your sexiest asset? It’s fresh, radiant skin, and you can get yours at Spa Chinois.


Photo Caption: Courtesy of Spa Chinois

Couture is all about the perfect fit, not far off from the philosophy at Spa Chinois. “Everything is customized. That’s our theme, couture and customization,” Jasmine Foo, operations manager, explained. Their Couture Facial is tailored upon arrival to meet the needs of each guest, and expert esthetician Dina Menijar delivers a healthy glow using Rosa Graf products and the spa’s own organic blends. Treatment rooms and lounge areas are fashion friendly as well, boasting bling-dripping chandeliers and other stylish touches that (unlike the new 5 ½-inch heel by Yves Saint Laurent) are fashion-forward and comfortable at the same time. Mention this story and Beauty News readers get 30% off their first visit, just in time to buff bods for bikini season with a Chinois Couture Body Polish or one of several new body treatments debuting this summer.

Spa Chinois
44 W. 55th St. 5th Floor
(212) 245-3245

The Romantic

It’s easy to become captivated by the elegance and opulence of the era of Marie Antoinette. If you ever wished you could experience such romantic extravagance, look no further than Clara Rakin’s spa, Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica.


Courtesy of Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica

The concept of the spa is “newstalgica,” a combo of new and nostalgic. The nostalgic takes form in the lavish setting- exposed brick peeking through ornate wall treatments, art and mirrors reflective of the romantic era, jeweled light fixtures, and posh red and gold drapes. The new is evident in the treatments- thermal massage beds that stretch the spine and relax muscles through heat and soft vibration (perfect for the virtuous and chaste reader- you can leave your clothes on), and the new ionic foot detox treatment that draws toxins from your body through your feet (just mention if you have sensitive skin to avoid minor irritation from metals on the wristband). Spa Manager Michael Sbarccia recommends the Mermaid Facial, which he says Rakin designed to be beautiful and pure, just like the era the spa encapsulates. Take advantage of their specials during Shecky’s Beauty Week, June 11-17.

Antoinette Boudoir Newstalgica Spa
11 W. 46th St. 4th Floor
(866) 414-2590

The Contemporary/The Au Naturelle

It’s just too hard to choose one type who would adore Great Jones Spa. So we picked two!

The modern and the natural woman will love this spa. Both can try the Red Flower Hammam Treatment and Massage, a ritual-based, hour and a half treatment that relaxes and detoxifies. The contemporary woman is worldly and sophisticated, and knows that hammam is emerging from the historic bath house traditions of Turkey and Morocco and is becoming one of the latest spa trends. Au naturelle girls will love Red Flower and Great Jones because both are committed to bringing you the absolute best in natural spa products.


Courtesy of Great Jones Spa

The highlight of the five-step Hammam Treatment is the Red Flower Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub, part of an invigorating experience in the Vichy shower that leaves the skin exceptionally soft. Afterwards, massage prodigy Nicole Bernhardt sealed the deal with a soothing massage using Red Flower’s sensuous Cardamom Amber Oil. Manager Karen Terranova said the spa wanted to create a “healthy and holistic environment,” and indeed, the scene is one of utmost relaxation- perfect to slow the hectic pace of the modern woman and please nature-loving gals. The spa’s design is based on feng shui principles and incorporates the elements into it’s décor- like a three-story indoor waterfall that flows behind the hot and cold plunge pools and the river rock walls of the sauna. Lounge in your cozy robe under skylights that pour sunlight into a spacious, relaxing sitting area and simply unwind, whatever your persona.

Great Jones Spa
29 Great Jones St.
(212) 505-3185

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