Tres Belle Spa: the Gem of Brooklyn

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Tres Belle Petite Medi-Spa is a wonderful little Brooklyn-based spa on Bond Street, not far from the Dekalb Avenue train station on a tree-lined, neighborhood street. Repeatedly voted Best of Brooklyn year after year, this tiny gem is well worth the stop. In spite of its small and unassuming appearance, it delivers quality service with the attention to detail you only find in the most professional spas in the city.

I experienced a luxury treatment called the Japanese Acupressure Lifting Facial, a special treatment that promises to smooth fine lines and give you a noticeable lift. Some customers at Belle Spa get the treatment twice a month instead of Botox injections. Yoshie, the esthetician who gave me the treatment, is a qualified beautician from Japan, an expert at this rejuvenating service. To prepare my skin for the treatment, she first cleansed and exfoliated it with Rose Water Steam. Then she deeply massaged my facial tissues by literally using the pressure of a roller on dough to tighten and smooth the skin’s surface while stimulating cell renewal and growth. It is quite a physical process that requires total concentration on her part and the dexterous control of her palms. It was a bit painful on my facial muscles but beauty, as we know, has its price.

After the massage, Yoshie applied a botanical lifting serum along with a hydrating collagen mask and before letting me go, she applied a customized SPF 50 protection cream. The whole process lasted about an hour and a half. I generally have good skin and yet I saw a noticeable difference in its appearance after Yoshie’s Acupressure lifting treatment. It was really glowing and radiant, looked lighter and whiter as if it had been cleansed of all the pollutants of the city that accumulated in its pores over the last 20 years. Also, there was absolutely no redness from the treatment but an even alabaster clarity and a vivid sensation of lifting energy, as if my skin had been “awakened”.

Allison Tray, the energetic and spirited owner told me that she has been operating the business with her Dad since 2006. Without a doubt, she is the queen of the warm welcome, as she displays none of the stiffness or pretense you encounter in the high-end spas typical of the city. This is a woman who welcomes you with the warmth of her heart and the confidence of the quality of her services. “Whether it is a cashier or a celebrity, I make sure every client is treated the same way “she says, priding herself of the diversity of her spa family. Her philosophy is to enjoy life, beauty and the confidence it gives you. It is no surprise that Tres Belle Petite Medi-spa has been voted Best Spa in Brooklyn in City Search in 2009. Year after year, it is also voted best for laser/ILP hair removal, microdermabrasion, eye lash extensions and facials.

Feeling my skin dewy and lifted, I walked out of Tres Belle feeling très belle indeed, glad I made the trip from Manhattan to discover this little jewel of a place in Brooklyn.

Check the website at for free consultations, lunch time facials, special offers and packages.

TresBelle Petite Medi-Spa
105 Bond Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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