Tribeca Beauty Spa Brings New Life to Dull Skin

I’m someone who gets a haircut and color every six to eight weeks. I’m someone who could easily spend 45 minutes applying makeup in the morning – though I rarely let myself. I’m someone who will look at the moisturizers in the skin care aisle at CVS for longer than it should take me to read the Sunday paper. Basically, I’m someone who can get completely caught up in the world of beauty – for better or worse – and lose site of things that are well – more substantial. (I do have a full-time job, ya’ know.)

Ironically, I’m also someone who never finds the time to schedule a facial.

I’ve honestly had two facials in my life. The first was more than a year ago, and I wrote about it here. I guess my lack of facial treatments is sort of an interpersonal irony – a beauty oxymoron, so to speak. Inevitably, I had to break my own self-prescribed mold. What good is it to pine over skin products or makeup if my actual face isn’t healthy enough to hold them? It was time for facial number two.

I admit; my skin is not in trouble. I’m not facing a facial-or-die situation, nor was I when I scheduled my appointment at Tribeca Beauty Spa. But with an entire winter’s worth of dry, cold air beating on me and a bout of hyper-experimentation with skin products, I was due for a face refreshment.

In searching for spas in the SoHo area, I came upon Tribeca Beauty Spa and its owner and renowned facialist, Nadia. The reviews raved about her “Signature Facial“, a treatment customized for your skin and based around the Russian principals of facial massaging. Her signature offers a full hour’s worth of massage therapy for the facially distressed, followed by scrubs, peels and creams. Unfortunately, I only had an hour to spare (I need to stop doing that whole back-to-back scheduling thing) so I did not get a full hour’s massage. But I did receive Nadia’s signature, it was just a bit shorter; the express, if you will.

When she examined my skin she immediately said two things that would normally contradict each other, but for me made perfect sense. One: You have beautiful skin. And two: Your skin is very dull. It seems like you couldn’t have one without the other, but for someone who (as I mentioned earlier) never gets facials, it’s actually possible to be both. My skin is relatively flawless – at least in the sense that blemishes are few. However, it has a tendency to be very dry. It eats up moisturizer like butter and sucks up water like…umm…yeah I guess water’s the best reference there. Regardless, she was right. I have good skin but it was hiding under a dull faà§ade.

She was determined to fix that.

By using several treatments including an exfoliating machine (that is less harsh than microdermabrasion), steam, mushroom scrubs, omega 3 fatty acids and the power of extraction and massage, Nadia brought out the best in my skin. The treatment left my skin feeling tighter and suppler while also being free of pore blockers and dry flakes.

Now, I must say that a day afterwards, my face was feeling it. Perhaps the mushrooms were a little too potent for my very sensitive skin because I was very red. However, the redness has gone down and all the excess dry skin seems to be falling away naturally to reveal yet another layer of fresh and vibrant skin. I guess I could say that my face felt the same way your body feels when you work it out really hard after a long period of no exercise. It hurts, but it’s a good hurt.

Tribeca Beauty Spa
8 Harrison Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 343-2376

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