Unforg-Edible: Products You’ll Want To Eat


March is National Nutrition Month, and while you may be watching what you put on your plate, we’re gonna give you a way to cheat, sans calories and guilt. How, you ask? Check out these spa products that smell good enough to eat, a fine way indulge your cravings for something sweet and a sure way to pamper yourself at the same time.


Malie Kaua’i’s Mango Butter Bun

Three words: Mango. Butter. Bun.
If one of these terms doesn’t get you salivating, try all of them combined as Malie Kaua’i’s in-shower solution to dry and lackluster skin. Forget the parabens and alien sounding additives – the Mango Butter Bun fuses four simple and wholesome ingredients: mango butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E and turmeric. Don’t let the minimalist recipe fool you into thinking this bun can’t bust you out of a flaky winter rut. Run it for five seconds under hot water at the end of your shower, work it all over, and say aloha! to a full day’s worth of restorative moisture that leaves you subtly (and succulently) scented like tropical mango. For more information go to www.malie.com.


FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze

When Oprah says she’d like to serve a foot product over berries, we’re guessing it’s good. Though her favorite FarmHouse Fresh creation was the trio of whipped honey, early apple and sweet cream foot scrubs, our pick is the Honey Heel Glaze. As if a whiff of the stuff weren’t enough to induce the urge for a cup of tea or a honey-glazed baked good, the packaging is just as convincing. The glaze, which smells like honey with a dose of pumpkin pie spices, comes in a glass jar that looks just like the Ball Mason canning jars of your country childhood. We’re convinced this would be excellent on a English muffin, but beware in bed – don some socks after icing your feet to save your sheets from delicious gooeyness. Check out www.farmhousefreshgoods.com.


Treat’s Bon Voyage Gourmet Bath Truffles

The look and smell of Treat’s Bon Voyage Gourmet Bath Truffles is going to cause confusion for the sweet-tooth in your life. If you leave these lying around, the foil-wrapped truffles can be easily mistaken for a sugary indulgence. Available in Roman Holiday White Chocolate, Jasmine and Coconut Mango, just one truffle turns tap water into a decadent soak. We recommend the Coconut Mango Gourmet Bath Truffles; the combination of scent and softening butters will drive you (coco) nuts. Available at www.treatbeauty.com.


von Natur’s Coffee and Salt Cellulite Scrub

You may usually take sugar with your morning coffee, but von Natur will serve yours up with a generous helping of salt in the form of their Coffee and Salt Cellulite Scrub. Kick the carbs and get your caffeine fix a healthier way – in body care products, caffeine perks up the skin, provides antioxidants and acts as a diuretic, dehydrating those nasty fat cells. Combine that with the powerful health benefits of salt, which helps exfoliate and get rid of toxins, and you’ve got a really stimulating start to your day. If you’re really careful about what you put on your body as much as what you put in it, you’ll be happy to know that von Natur products are natural, organic and vegan. Click on www.vonnatur.com


Diana B Peach Frangipani Flower Body Lotion

If your taste buds are a little more adventurous, your olfactory system might be craving something daring too. Try some of the exotic and unusual fragrance combinations of Diana B. body care, which include green tea desert grapefruit, peach frangipani flower, maple sugar lychee nut, black fig and chocolate. The products come as body lotion, scrubs, and candles. For a lusciously sweet skin, our pick is the Peach Frangipani Flower Body Lotion, a heady, almost intoxicating scent to silken skin with. Diana B. is stocked at Henri Bendel and at the G-Spa at Hotel Gansevoort. Available Online @ www.dianabbeauty.com.


Pure Inventions Pure Cocoa

All these products may help you satiate your cravings for something sweet – or not. If that’s not the case, stick with spa lifestyle and health guidelines with the latest from Pure Inventions and put the Pure Cocoa collection to your lips. Carried at select Bliss spas, Pure Cocoa is a liquid nutritional supplement with the benefits of chocolate, like antioxidants, without the sugar or dairy. Pure Cocoa comes in chocolate cocoa, mint cocoa and vanilla cocoa. For the uber health conscious, there are no calories or caffeine. And for those who need to balance their healthy deeds with a little naughtiness, try the Pure Cocoa martini – shake or stir two droppers of Pure Cocoa, one ounce vodka and fill with sparkling water…then drink to your health! Go to www.pureinventions.com.

Now that you’ve read our round-up of spa products that smell so good you’ll want to devour them! Disclaimer: Beauty News in no way condones the intentional misuse of these products.

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