Want Gorgeous Skin for the Holidays? Get the SilkPeel® Diamond Dermalinfusion®


If you have not tried a SilkPeel® Diamond Dermalinfusion® yet, you have no idea what you are missing. A-listers like Katie Couric, the Olsen twins, Kate Beckinsale and Tina Fey depend on this treatment to get camera-ready flawless skin. This is one treatment that really lives up to its claims.

I tried the treatment at the office of Dr. Bryan G. Forley, a board certified plastic surgeon. After completing some medical questionnaires, I met with Dr. Forley, who explained the treatment and told me that it can be customized to target brown spots, acne scars or simply provide deep hydration. I opted for the deep hydration treatment.

Dr. Forley’s nurse, Satu, performed the treatment on me. After cleansing my face to remove all traces of makeup, the nurse took a long tube mounted by a diamond abrasive tip and started going over the skin of my neck and face in regular back and forth movements, covering every inch of it. The tip seems to pull in and suck up the skin with a vacuum pressure that removes the top dry layer of dead skin and debris while at the same time releasing an infusion of serums and hyalauronic acid that penetrates deeply into the skin where the cells grow. The procedure also stimulates collagen, the protein that gives skin the supple, elastic qualities most associated with youth. The procedure is painless and lasts 20 minutes.

Skin treated with SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion has 70% more volume – meaning skin appears plump and firm with fewer lines and wrinkles – for up to 72 hours following a single session. I walked out of the office thinking Wow! My skin had not looked so youthful, radiant and moisturized in years.

Dr. Forley came in to check on the results and was pleased with the success of the procedure. He recommended that I use the skincare line Envy Medical to keep up the good results of the treatment, and in particular Trifecting Night Cream 0.2. Dr. Forley also advises that you have a series of SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusions to get the best results. After a few visits, he suggests stopping for a while and then starting again for maintenance. Once you see how smashing your skin looks, you will want to make the SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion treatments a regular part of your skincare routine. It is especially great in winter to combat dryness and brighten up your skin.

For more information about SilkPeel® Diamond Dermalinfusion® and Dr Forley go to http://www.DrForley.com.

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