Wink Brow Bar and Isabelle Lancray Give Good Face


Recently, I was invited into Wink Brow Bar in the West Village for some pampering. I left there not only with perfectly arched brows, but also a glowing and clear complexion. A glowing complexion from a brow bar? Let’s back track a little here. About six weeks ago I left California and drove cross-country for New York. Between the stress of such a huge move, finding an apartment and eating greasy fast food along the way, my skin took a major beating. I entered Wink ashamed of my skin. It was inflamed, red, irritated, broken out…you name it. My skin was always pretty normal, but as I entered my late-20’s it got more and more sensitive. So now, I’m a woman with very sensitive skin. There, I said it! This brings me to how my skin was saved at Wink Brow Bar…

I explained all my skin issues and horror stories to my facialist at Wink and he could tell my skin was under severe duress. He created a customized facial for my fragile skin, using a line of products I had never heard of before called Isabelle Lancray.

Isabelle Lancray is a French skincare line that’s been around since 1945 and they have been creating customized, results-driven formulas ever since. The extensive line features twelve different collections, each tailored to specific skin concerns from anti-aging to detoxifying. My facialist said the brand’s vitamin line, VITAMINA, would be too strong for my skin, so he opted for products that would help calm down and relieve the redness. The product that stands out the most for me is the RUTILIA, which is an anti-redness serum. The serum combined with a regimen of the Isabelle Lancray BASIS foaming cleanser and SENSIBA face crème has completely transformed my skin. I use all three everyday and my skin has never looked better.

I walked into Wink Brow Bar embarrassed and impatient with my skin, and walked out a new woman with a clear and radiant complexion. I finally found a line that works for my sensitive skin, so if you have issues like me, make sure to stop by next time you’re in the West Village. Isabelle Lancray is exclusively available at Wink Brow Bar.

Wink Brow Bar
7 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014
(212) 600-1857

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