Wink Brow Bar Will Open Your Eyes

Wink Brow Bar recently opened its doors in the West Village and it offers incomparable eyebrow threading. I came in to Wink honestly not expecting anything except to clean up my eyebrows that had grown in sufficiently from a previous nightmare eyebrow experience. But Wink really opened my eyes. If you want expert and quality eyebrow shaping, Wink is the answer.

I am what you might call an eyebrow guinea pig. Fortunately, my eyebrows grow out quickly, but in between I do them myself, tweezing and waiting patiently. When I went to Wink I had not touched my eyebrows in several days, which for me equals Godzilla brows. Ok, maybe not that bad, but still not presentable.

When Maya started threading I noticed a different consistency to the thread. Wink uses organic thread that is green and actually thinner, with a smoother texture. Owner, Umbreen Sheikh, told me that this thread is actually harder to use and takes more skill than regular thread. In addition, it is less painful. It wasn’t pain free but it was slightly less uncomfortable.

As Maya proceeded I could tell that she took her time and listened when I said that I was trying to grow out my eyebrows. When she completed my right eyebrow Maya gave me a mirror. It was perfection, but I was still skeptical. No one ever managed to make both of my brows symmetrical!

After the left eyebrow came the big reveal. What? Was that me? I looked incredible. Was Maya a magician? She didn’t even need to fill in anything. She trimmed a bit and gave me a brow massage and I was on my way.

You will do more than wink when you see the final result of your eyebrows.

If you tend to have redness after threading, Wink has Zensibia Serum by Isabelle Lancray that will magically soothe your skin. Although I don’t suffer from redness after threading I always use alcohol on my skin to get rid of germs.

My sting test resulted in a very low rating by the way. Usually my skin stings like crazy, but after Wink, I barely felt a sting at all. Very clean and no irritation.

Another amazing distinction between Wink’s threading and other threading I have had is that it lasted nearly two weeks without my having to so much as tweeze a stray hair. For me, that is huge considering that hair on my body grows faster than weeds.

Weeks later I am still getting complements on my eyebrows. I now worship the ground that Wink Brow Bar stands on., 7 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY, 212-600-1857.

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