Yelo Spa: A Life Changing Experience


It is hard to imagine that a spa could change your life, but that is exactly what Yelo Spa did for me. Sure, it didn’t make me richer, thinner or prettier, but it did make me healthier, more vibrant and calmer. The effects were also more long term than other treatments I have had. Yelo Spa has transformed the nature of what a spa offers by customizing its treatments to fit what each client needs on a particular day.

The spa offers reflexology, massage and sleep treatments, and distinguishes itself from the moment a client enters to the time he or she leaves. The atmosphere is designed to be restorative down to every detail. There is no formal reception desk, no spa menu, no traditional waiting room and no changing room with lockers. What? You enter a softly lit space decorated with orange and deep pink walls, and purple rounded high-backed sofas set in private corners of the space. The color scheme was designed to reflect the robes worn by Tibetan monks. Scents of essential oils waft through the air to instantly take off the edge.

Owner, Nicholas Ronco, founded Yelo Spa originally to meet the needs of hard working individuals, like himself, who just wanted to take power naps or get a quick massage in the middle of the day. Now, after six years at a previous location, the new Yelo Spa has evolved into a full service, customized treatment spa that still includes the popular nap pods.

When my massage therapist, Taisha met me at the purple couch, she asked me how I was feeling and if anything was bothering me. I mentioned that I had headaches and that my shoulders were often tense. I decided on a combination of neck and shoulder massage and reflexology on my feet. In the treatment room, Taisha used the room spray “Refresh,” that I chose, set the customized music to my preference: ocean waves, and then left me to get undressed.

When she returned, Taisha proceeded to massage and apply pressure points to my neck and shoulders. It was the neck massage that most transformed my life that day. As Taisha found pressure points on the side of my neck, I realized that my headaches were probably stemming from neck tension that was slowly being released with pressure points that Taisha used. Who knew?

Taisha said that my head would feel lighter when I got up later, and it did. Although I didn’t have a headache that day, I have not had one since the treatment several weeks ago. This is not due to lack of stress in my life, but, rather, I believe it is a result of the neck massage.

After the treatment I stayed to relax on the bed that moulds to your body and can be raised and lowered at the head, foot and knees. Outside I sat on the couch and sipped coconut almond tea and prepared to leave, knowing that I had just discovered something I could not live without.

Yelo Spa
5 East 57th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022

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