You Have Nothing to Lose But Unwanted Hair!


No Mas Vello, originally opened in Spain in 2007, brought its unique brand of hair removal to New York City this year. Although IPL (“Intense Pulsed Light“) hair removal technology has been in the United States for over ten years, it has become more common in Spain where there are now over 500 IPL centers.

As one with Hispanic ancestors myself, I love the dark exotic look, but have always struggled with hair removal. I have tried everything from tweezing, depilitation, waxing and threading, and the hair always returned, sometimes even thicker. I was definitely ready to try something new. Still, I admit that I was nervous on my first visit to No Mas Vello, but the tiny room with green and white design, and ultra friendly technicians eased my mind.

I had a patch test a few days before my treatment so I knew what to expect and that there would be no adverse reaction. During my first full treatment the technician again explained that I could expect some feeling of heat, but I should not feel pain. There would also be a bright light; hence I would wear sunglasses or an eye mask.

Since I chose hair removal on my upper lip, there was also specific preparation for the area. The technician removed my lipstick and drew a white pencil outline around my lips, she explained, to deflect the light from the pigment around the lips. Then an ice pack was applied to my lip area for a minute or two.

Once I was prepped the technician began applying the light to my upper lip area, beginning with the left side. The first pulse of light was extremely bright but brief, and caused no discomfort at all. As the treatment continued, I noticed a burning smell and asked what it was. I was told that was the hair burning. The IPL removes the hair at the root. Awesome! Get rid of it!

After the treatment, which was minutes and pain free, I had moisturizer applied to the area and was instructed to avoid the sun, saunas, hot showers for a day.

My hair was gone, but one treatment does not get rid of the hair for good. At least four treatments are needed, but I was told the hair might begin to grow in more slowly and sparsely.

Treatments should be every four weeks, so I made one, dreading what my upper lip would look like by then. I usually see regrowth in a week with waxing or threading, but I tried to be brave.

Hair started to grow back after a week, but it was not heavy and was sparse. I admit after two weeks I used a razor to take off some hair. I was told not to tweeze or use any other methods that remove the hair at the root.

By the time my second appointment came, I had regrowth but it definitely was less than normal. It is now two weeks after my second treatment and regrowth is minimal (no shaving needed).

I can’t wait to continue the treatments. Could a hairless upper lip be in my future? I’ve got nothing to lose but hair!

For more information go to

No Mas Vello
42 West 72 Street
New York, NY 10023

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