Tag: Metro Kitchen

Melon Made Easy

Protect your fingers + carve out perfect slices of juicy watermelon with this ingenious tool.

Simply Splendid Cast Iron Cookware

Solo in the city? Ideally suited for cooking up single servings, this non-stick cast iron skillet is a must-have addition to your pantry.

Decidedly Different Dish Towels

This snarky kitchen towel set is guaranteed to make drying dishes less boring — and a lot more fun!

When Cookery Meets Artistry

This Japanese ceramic rice cooker is so fine-looking, you might find yourself placing it on a display shelf instead of storing it in your pantry.

The Beast… A Blender Like No Other

The Beast is a versatile blender that enables you to powerfully blend, and then remove part of the machine to tote your creation with you wherever you roam. Brilliant!