A Fresh Take on Tinned Fish

Tinned fish fans looking to mix it up a little will find a good option in Freshé Meals. The compact snacks take canned tuna and salmon to new heights by adding some international inspiration with a tug on each variety’s pull tab revealing a little something different. In addition to tuna or salmon, the vibrant containers are packed with additional ingredients like vegetables, grains, and spices that turn basic cans of fish into flavorful snacks. Another big plus for Freshé Meals is that each can is filled with sustainable seafood sourced from the waters outside of Portugal and Spain. The company’s tins are divided into two categories, salad toppings and quick meals, but of course, they can be enjoyed any way you see fit—living your best seafood-loving life means not necessarily playing by the rules!

The snacks in the salad topper category would be delicious on any greens, but Romaine lettuce leaves make for especially sturdy vehicles that can hold the chunky contents of these cans. For anyone who appreciates a savory red sauce, the Barcelona Escalivada would be a safe bet. This tin includes salmon, roasted eggplant, peppers, quinoa, sweet onions, tomato, garlic, and paprika, and when enjoyed over lettuce, this one would make for a filling lunch. The potatoes are a surprising touch in the Provence Nicoise, a slightly sweet snack that combines tuna, fire-roasted peppers, and green beans with olives, and the chickpeas and fennel are standout ingredients in the Moroccan Tagine, which also incorporates salmon, onions, roasted zucchini, quinoa, olives, lemon, and carrots, making for a unique and pleasing noshing experience.

The tins billed as quick meals are easy to imagine being paired with sides. The ingredients of the Sicilian Caponata, for example, including tuna, butternut squash, roasted vegetables, shaved almonds, and herbs, would be delicious over some simple pasta noodles, while rice or tortilla chips would make a good companion for the Aztec Ensalada, a Mexican-flavored treat filled with tuna, red beans, corn, red peppers, and onion. The Thai Sriracha tin is the spiciest and most protein-packed meal. This piquant mix would make a lot of sense over Jasmine rice with its combo of tuna, sweet and sour beans, peanuts, and leafy greens. Freshé’s nutrient-filled offerings are so diverse in flavor that they would be a good fit on a seacuterie board, as part of a taste test for Besties Who Brunch, or even if enjoyed solo, perhaps while watching an episode of Deadliest Catch.

Amy Hamblen

After spending over a decade in New York, Amy Hamblen is still impressively bad at giving directions around the city. Fortunately, not knowing one's exact whereabouts creates the opportunity to stumble into new places, so what she lacks in navigational skills, she makes up for with an abundance of solid happy hour recommendations. Amy is originally from Indiana, and whether or not her years spent covering the food and entertainment scene in NYC has earned her a seat at the table may be debatable, but it's of little consequence — she much prefers a stool at the bar.