Delectable Duo: Chi Foods + LIQUOR WHAAAT?! Chocolate Beavers

Two brands for your holiday radars:

Buon Appetito! This tasty Italian is a plant-based pork swap

Chi Foods has reinvented pork with a plant-based “pork” made with organic clean ingredients. Their soy-free, gluten-free “faux pork” is available in four unique flavors: Maple Sage, Chi-Rizo, Original Ground Pork, and my personal favorite—Italian Herb.

At first, I wasn’t sure how I would integrate Chi’s Italian Herb plant-based ground meat into my meals, so I figured that I’d start off by trying something simple. On a night when I cooked pasta, I crumbled up the Italian Herb ground “pork” and tossed the crumbled pieces into a heated skillet. After four minutes, I removed the ground “pork” from the skillet and combined it with tomato sauce before adding it to cooked pasta.

The Chi plant-based pork added a classic Italian herb and pork flavor to the pasta, bolstered by Chi’s inclusion of ingredients such as parsley, fennel seed, garlic, onion, oregano, rosemary extract, and black pepper.

On the back of the box of Chi Italian Herb Ground Pork, there’s a recipe for Garlic Pork Ragu that I’m thinking of trying next. I believe that this flavor would combine well with just about any tomato-flavored Italian food. Sprinkling crumbled pieces of Chi’s Italian Herb Ground Pork atop a slice of pizza is a fast and easy way to enjoy pork without the oink!

Bodacious Boozy Belgian Beavers!

What’s brown, creamy, and hinting of booze? No worries about getting a DUI – this box of boozy creamed beavers won’t get you drunk. But they will induce a euphoric sugar high.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Experience both. There are three milk chocolate cream beavers and three dark cream chocolate beavers in a box of LIQUOR WHAAAT?! The rummy dark chocolate beavers are filled with a velvety truffle filling (yummy!) and the milk chocolate beavers are chock-full of melt-in-your-mouth champagne-flavored cream filling.

Do you know any boozy chocoholics? A box of creamy Belgian chocolate beavers from LIQUOR WHAAAT?! is the perfect “chocolate nirvana” gift-able.


Rachelle Nones

Lifestyle Writer

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