Forty Thieves: Taste New Zealand

You can’t fly to New Zealand, but you can experience its rich and healthy, locally made nut butters at home. Here are some Kiwi nut-spread offerings that will bring a smile to your face, nutrients to your diet, and will definitely sate your appetite in the most memorable ways:

The Forty Thieves Hazelnut Crunch with Organic Cocoa spread has no refined sugar, no palm oil, is vegan, and is a New Zealand Chocolate Bronze Award winner. Slather on bananas, banana bread, strawberries, crepes, hot croissants, and wherever else your imagination may conjure. Containing only 80% hazelnuts, stone-ground organic 20% dark chocolate coconut sugar, cocoa butter, and Himalayan salt; rich and delicious, this is far superior to other chocolate nut butter spreads.

How does a Salted Macadamia Nut spread with Maple & Vanilla sound to you? If it sounds delicious (and it is!), then order this Outstanding Food Producer Gold Award winner from Forty Thieves and experience it yourself. Excellent on French Toast, waffles, crepes, pancakes, fruit and chocolate. This contains only NZ macadamias (61%), cashews, pure maple syrup, vanilla pod, and Himalayan Pink Salt. No sugar, 100% natural, and vegan.

If pure and good old-fashioned Crunchy Peanut Butter is to your taste, Forty Thieves has that too, of course — and it won the Silver Medal at the 2020 Outstanding NZ Food Producers Award. With high-oleic non-GMO peanuts from Argentina, the only other item added is Himalayan Pink Salt. Peanut purity! Use this for sandwiches, satay dipping sauce, peanut butter granola, cookies, peanut bliss balls and for topping fruit and chocolate.

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