Vitapod: Delicious & Nutritious Hydration

You are what you eat and drink. Vitapod is an amazing product that will fuel your system and transform a glass of boring water into a much tastier one. Being dehydrated can cause mayhem on your focus, energy, anxiety levels, and your brain tissue even shrinks in size, but luckily the effects of dehydration can be reversed by rehydrating the body with fluids and electrolytes. 

Similar to a coffee machine, Vitapod uses recyclable flavor pods that are packed full of vitamins A, C, D and E as well as calcium, magnesium and 300 mg of electrolytes in every serving. This innovative product makes it easy to stay hydrated and healthy. Bonus: Vitapod costs a fraction of bottled drinks so you will save tons of money in the long run.

With Vitapod you can choose from 11 mouthwatering flavors which include cotton candy, green apple, pineapple coconut, blueberry pomegranate, and raspberry hibiscus. The variety of fun choices appeals to both adults and kids, so the entire family can use this water system.

Another enormous benefit of Vitapod is that there are no added sugars or artificial flavors and each pod serves a different purpose. For instance, the Beauty+ pods can help maintain glowing and firm skin, while the Sports+ pod enhances your workout performance as well as muscle recovery. Energy+ delivers a cognitive jumpstart without the jitters and Immunity+ has everything you need to boost your immunity.

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