La Fuga: Fort Lauderdale’s Italian Delight

Escape to a world of culinary bliss at La Fuga, a charming restaurant that seamlessly blends a serene atmosphere with an array of delightful Italian dishes.

Upon entering La Fuga, I was immediately greeted by the captivating ambiance. The beautiful art adorning the walls, including glass china, paintings, and photos, creates an inviting and sophisticated setting. Lush green plants add a touch of nature, enhancing the overall charm. The restaurant’s centerpiece is a large island bar adorned with twinkling fairy lights and hanging glasses, creating a warm and intimate feel. I was in awe of the love and detail put into the restaurant’s ambiance. For those who seek a more relaxed setting, there’s a small lounge area where you can chat and unwind without leaving the enchanting atmosphere of the restaurant.

What set La Fuga apart was its live singer, Jason Craig, who takes guests on a musical journey like no other. With a diverse repertoire that ranges from oldies and classics to the latest pop hits, Jason captivates diners with his robust and emotion-filled voice. His love for music is evident, mainly when he sings the songs of his idol, Post Malone. As an accomplished guitarist with more than a decade of experience, his talent adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. Jason had me and a couple of other guests singing along with him!

The culinary delights at La Fuga are no less impressive. Head chef Horatio, with eight years of experience under his belt, leads a team dedicated to preserving the authenticity of Italian cuisine. They take great care in using fresh, locally caught seafood and the seasonal vegetables in their Italian recipes. The commitment to tradition is so strong that the chefs even traveled to Italy to further hone their craft.

I settled in and received freshly made bread and homemade dipping oil. I read through the menu and decided on the “Cozze E Calamari Allá Piastra,” which is a must-try. The mussels and calamari are bathed in a luscious lemon butter sauce, with a touch of pepper to add a subtle kick. The “Polpo Allá Griglia” is another delightful appetizer featuring a tender octopus paired perfectly with a beautiful olive salad and cannellini beans. The seafood melted in my mouth with every buttery bite I took. I paired it with various fruit cocktails, and the flavors agreed wholeheartedly.

For my main course, I ordered the “Ravioloni All’aragosta Fra Diavolo,” and once my dish came out, it was a showstopper. Lobster ricotta ravioli is served with a spiny lobster tail and a spicy tomato cream sauce that tantalizes the taste buds with a sweet and spicy dance of flavors. Spice lovers will be begging for more after every bite.

What Italian feast would be complete without the classic “Tiramisu” staple? La Fuga’s version is rich and creamy, with just the right balance of coffee and Kahlua flavors, leaving me wanting more. Another refreshing dessert is their organic Strawberry Sorbet, made with love and no additives. Everything is created in their kitchen, right where the magic happens.

The bar at La Fuga boasts an array of cocktails and liquors to complement the dining experience. One standout is the “Limoncello” drink, an enticing concoction infused with lavender that takes two weeks to perfect, delivering a strong and flavorful taste of lemon and liquor.

The attentive staff at La Fuga is well-versed in the menu and is more than happy to guide guests through their culinary journey. Their recommendations for food and drink pairings enhance the overall dining experience. So, whether you sit indoors or enjoy the warm ambiance of their outdoor al fresco seating, and whether it’s breakfast or dinner, La Fuga is the perfect destination for those seeking an escape from the ordinary. With its serene atmosphere, soul-stirring music, and delectable Italian cuisine, this restaurant truly provides an experience for the books. Step into La Fuga, and you’ll be transported to a world of culinary wonders and artistic beauty, leaving you with memories to cherish and a longing to return.