The Refinery Hotel: My Stay in a Hotel Room with Bagels and Donuts on the Walls

It’s a good morning when you can wake up to a wall filled with donuts and bagels, and a mini bar filled with pastries. I had the opportunity to stay at the “Bread and Breakfast” hotel suite at the Refinery Hotel in New York City for one night. For 24 hours, I did not think about calories, sugar, or processed carbohydrates. This was not a day to be on the Atkins Diet or Keto.

When we arrived to the hotel my husband, dog (The Refinery is pet-friendly), and I were greeted at reception not with champagne or tea, but donuts. Fresh donuts. I was pleasantly surprised when we opened the door to our room because it was big. For a hotel room in New York City for $225 a night it was really big!

I have stayed in much smaller places for more money and this room already had delicious food supplied. What made the experience even better was my stay came with a $100 room service credit to order off the carb-loaded menu. This included pizza, macaroni and cheese, pasta, pancakes, and more. Salad nor fruit was on the menu.

The room was elaborated decorated with carbohydrate themed pillows, bright baguette lights, a neon sign that read “Fresh Baked Bread,” curtains with pretzels, croissant wallpaper, and the soap in the bathroom was even pancakes and scones. The room had a fresh aroma of these delectable baked goods to get your stomach growling. The donuts and bagels you could eat right off the walls helped with that. Butter, jam, and cream cheese was also available in the other fridge. Milk was provided because there was also an array of sugary cereal displayed on the coffee table.

Hotel robes are nice and cozy but normally you can’t take them home unless you pay. However, with the room each guest was able to take a custom “Carbivore” embroidered robe and a pair of baguette slippers. Between the food on the walls and the room service menu, I can definitely say I experienced the room to its full potential. If there was a time to post pictures on social media this would be it. Unfortunately, the pop-up hotel room was only from January 17, to the end of the month and there was only one room available per night. I believe it was a success and hopefully the “Bread and Breakfast” suite returns for others to experience this high-quality indulgence in the future.

The Refinery Hotel
63 W 38th Street
New York, NY 10018