Travel Tips and Bon Voyage News

Buckle-up, mask-up and go!

It’s no surprise that many of us are suffering from ‘cabin fever’ and restricted wanderlust. For those who want to escape and blaze a trail whether mask-less or not, the following is a hodgepodge of ideas and smart items for your next big adventure.

Many countries are planning to reopen for visitors in the coming months. There is no blueprint for travel during the pandemic so you need to research and pay attention not only to the country but also the city and regional guidelines and restrictions. I’ve chosen Portugal for the fall season.

Here is why.

Los Gaúchos

The Portuguese government has announced a staged plan to lift restrictions, with all current limits being removed by this October. This comes as Portugal’s vaccination rate has surpassed that of the United States, with 55% of the Portuguese population currently vaccinated, and a goal of reaching 80% by October. The restrictions on restaurants and bars are being lifted, and sporting events will be able to have fans present. A digital vaccination certificate or a negative coronavirus test will be needed to enter hotels, dine indoors on weekends, and visit spas, casinos and large events.

One Portuguese region is poised to be the destination of choice to those who want to get away to a worry-free vacation. The Alentejo is a mystical place of gliding plains, rising mountains, and the largest cork forests in the world. The Alentejo’s Cork Country is a sparsely populated region with open horizons where the rhythm of life follows the rhythm of regional songs. And this fertile land produces more than half of the world’s total cork supply. From the monumental charm of the regional capital of Évora, to the impossibly high castle tower at Beja in the south, history, tradition, and grandeur are everywhere.



For those travelers who enjoy the great outdoors and camping, I recently discovered a must-have item especially for those who take to nature in a tent, camper or cabin. This Baloo Weighted Blanket has been medically approved to help induce the most restful sleep without a sleep-aid. I’ve tried this blanket and it’s true. If you are planning a family getaway with rambunctious children, here is the solution especially for those who find it difficult to catch some Zzzzzzz outside of their own bed.

Tip: It also works wonders at home.


Up and away from the East River

Tailwind Air has launched its shuttle service from Manhattan’s East Side to Boston Harbor. The puddle jumper now includes New York, Boston, Hamptons and Bridgeport. Tailwind Air operates a fleet of reliable Cessna Caravan amphibian seaplanes. The company’s planes operate with regional airlines throughout the United States and the world. All flights are capable of landing on water or land, feature two pilots, comfortable seating, and amazing views. You’ll be in Bean Town in record time and back in the Big Apple just as quickly and conveniently — in the lap of luxury.

Read more here: TAILWIND

I can’t stop the rain…

Here is my latest discovery on what has been coined the world’s best travel umbrella. These compact, well-crafted and utilitarian umbrellas are not like the cheapo disposables that we purchase on a corner during a downpour. The Weatherman Umbrella is a necessity for every briefcase, backpack and carry-on luggage. I was recently hiking in the mountains of the Northeast and a storm blew in without warning. I was lucky to find shelter under this compact but mighty and hand-held shelter.


A staycation in The Big Apple?

The city is reopening with several major events in the coming weeks, for example, there will be a massive Central Park Homecoming Concert on the Great Lawn on August 21st, featuring Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Jennifer Hudson.

City dwellers and visitors continue the tradition with Restaurant Week NYC — a five-week event from July 19th through August 22nd. Get lunch and dinner options for $21 or $39, plus Signature Dining Experiences for $125 at some of the city’s finest restaurants including the top choices from James Beard honorees.

There’s also a roster of cultural events coming in August, including Broadway shows. Catch Springsteen on Broadway and Antoinette Chinonye Nwan du’s award-winning Pass Over. Tickets are still available.

Check out the details: NYCGO

Tip: The Roger Smith Hotel is offering special package deals all season. Ask about their Bed & Breakfast deal.


Who says you have to stay off the grid?

Skyroam Solis Lite hotspot is a simple solution to solve WIFI worries, as it delivers a fast, 4G LTE connection that is shareable on up to 10 devices at the same time. It has one low flat rate all over planet earth.

This powerful, small device provides the best local connection while traveling or at home. Some people say go off the grid, I say stay online to check e-mail, surf and keep in touch with those you left behind on your well-deserved vacation. It also comes in handy when you need directions but refuses to ask a human.


The future looks bright. Stay safe and travel wisely.