10 Must Haves For Your Summer Resort Makeup Bag

Heading to a summer getaway but not sure what to pack in your resort bag? Worship the sun with these 10 products that will impart a fresh, radiant, and illuminated summer look!

1. Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

For radiant skin, grab this invigorating “instant facial.” The crushed cranberry seeds combined with turmeric exfoliate for a smoother, illuminated complexion. This masque will energize fatigued skin to restore a rosy, healthy glow.
$32, available at Nordstrom.com

2. Tatcha’s Gold Camellia Beauty Oil

This Japanese skincare product will hydrate your skin and add a dewy finish to any summer look, visibly improving the overall complexion of skin. Enjoy a rich hint of lotus flowers as you apply three to four drops of Tatcha to your beauty blender before applying foundation to your skin.
$95, available at Sephora.com

3. Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder

This bestselling translucent powder creates a soft, matte look to blur imperfections and fine lines. For summer sweat protection, apply the translucent powder to skin after applying your foundation and wait five minutes before applying blush and highlighter.
$38, available at Sephora stores.

4. Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer

A go-to bronzer is a summer must have. No need to pack a contour kit because this product does double duty on any vacation-it serves as a bronzer and a contouring tool.
$37, available at all major department stores, including Belk.

5. Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Lip and Cheek Summer Glow in Sunburst

Absorb the rays of the sun with sun-kissed hues for cheeks on one end and for lips on the other. This easy-to-travel creamy highlighter and sparkling lip gloss will add dimension to your cheekbones and leave a kiss-me shine.
$34, available at all major department stores

6. Milani’s Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment in Pomegranate

Say goodbye to cracked lips and hello, moisture lock protection! This vitamin C-infused lip treatment will energize, protect and revitalize your lips as you soak up the sun. Sip on all the pina coladas you want because the luxurious oils in this product enable you to sip, smile and smooch with no wipe off necessary.
$7.99, available at Kmart and CVS stores nationwide.

7. Make Up For Ever’s Shimmer Finish Eyeshadow in Watermelon

Make Up For Ever’s Shimmer Finish Eyeshadow in Watermelon, 7

Every summer makeup bag needs a fiery eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. As a highly blendable, powder blush eye shadow, this vivid pop of color will add a Caribbean twist to sun-kissed skin.
$21, find it at Sephora.com.

8. Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Palette in Vintage Vamp

All you need is a single palette for iconic, mesmerizing looks. For the day, apply the PRIME shade to the entire eyelid and to the brow. Using a brush, apply ENHANCE across the eye socket and blend. For an evening look, repeat the day look and use a smudger brush to blend SMOKE from the outer corner of the eye and upwards into the lash line. For a night look, repeat the day and evening look but use your ring finger to apply POP to the centre of your eyelid for amped up glamour.
$42, available at http://www.Nordstrom.com

9. Milani’s Big & Bigger Lashes Maximum Volume Mascara

This smudge and flake-free mascara builds lashes and intense volume with a single application! The custom designed sculpting brush and comb allows you to separate and brush hard-to-reach lashes as you distribute mascara from base to tip.
$7.99, available at CVS stores nationwide and Walgreens.com.

10. Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmering Body Oil Spray

Don’t forget body sparkle to make your summer tan stand out! Replace your body lotion with this bottle of gold and watch your skin radiate in the sunlight.
$42, available at Nordstrom.com.

  1. You won’t regret it! I use mine on my legs regularly during the day and night! You can even spray a little on your finger and apply to your cheek bones as a highlighter.

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