25hours Hotel Wien: Where Design Meets the Circus

25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier sits in a prime location in Vienna, Austria, surrounded by art, history, and culture. Just steps away from the closest tram and a few minutes from the metro stop, it is easy to arrive from the airport or a day exploring the city. It is located right near a large complex of museums and art. A short walk from the hotel brings you to City Hall, the Parliament building, and many other historical buildings in the city. We loved the location because we were never far from a beautiful piece of history. While 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier is located in an area with so much history and art, the hotel has its own story to tell. Outside, a large sign above the hotel entrance reads, “We are all mad here,” an allusion to the circus theme found throughout the hotel. 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier is not like any other hotel and from the moment you walk in, it is clear in all the carefully orchestrated design details.

The entrance to 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier – great location in Vienna

The circus theme flows well throughout the hotel, from the reception desk to the rooms. Some things are more obvious while some are more discrete. The reception desk has bars imitating an animal’s cage, but don’t worry – the receptionists are all bright and helpful. They were more than happy to assist us with any questions we had about the city, and always with a smile. You can also inquire with the receptionists about the complimentary MINI car rentals or about renting a bicycle to cruise around the city on. This is a service that really sticks out to me as a traveler because it is rare that hotels offer this. There is a kiosk next to the reception desk, featuring signature items found throughout the hotel and items created locally which is perfect for souvenir shopping. The lounge has a computer and printer available for guests to use and is also decorated with a pinball machine, a table that resembles a seesaw, a photo booth for those perfect outings, a chair suspended from the ceiling like a swing, and comfortable couches to sit on. The animal cage illusion continues throughout, separating rooms and areas throughout the hotel with vertical bars. The elevator even seems like you are caged in – and it’s all in good fun to fit with the circus theme.

A unique lounge.

There are a handful of different options for rooms and suites to stay in. Many rooms boast an open living concept, while other rooms provide more privacy throughout. In the smaller rooms, the bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass wall which can be transparent or concealed with a shutter. All rooms have a great view, whether it be the city as a whole, the park in front of the hotel, or the street. Some rooms even have an outdoor bathtub on a private balcony, overlooking the city and the park. All natural soaps and lotions are offered in the rooms, with an eco-friendly reminder on the labels to conserve the water when you aren’t using it. There are suites with kitchenettes which are ideal for a longer stay with family.

A fire-breathing man above the bed!

Our personal favorite was the suite we stayed in: the panorama suite. The room was heavily dressed in red, one of the main colors used in the circus. We were greeted with a wallpaper over the bed showing a lion tamer who was also majestically holding a woman standing on her head. The TV sat on a pile of suitcases, alluding to the fact that the circus is always traveling, just like hotel guests. Across the 42-54 sqm room, there was a couch and sitting area. It was really nice to have a large room with separate functioning areas. The room felt wide open, especially with the amount of daylight that flooded in. The toilet was in a separate room from the shower room, and there was a large amount of mirror space to get ready for the day. For us, the highlight of the room was the floor-to-ceiling windows, from which we could see the tops of so many different buildings in Vienna. The view at night was beautiful when the sun went down and the city lights turned on, but it was even more amazing to wake up to the sun shining over the city. With floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing all that Vienna has to offer, a large room with a sitting area, and a king sized bed, the panorama suite was perfect for a weekend getaway.

The perfect view to wake up to.

Looking across the room

All rooms are centered around a wallpaper created by Berlin artist Olaf Hajek. With 5 different wallpaper designs in each of the 217 rooms, the bright and bold designs are intriguing and definitely circus-esque. Details throughout the room also add to the motif, from juggling balls on the shelf to the elephant stuffed animal found on the bed, to the bathroom lights that are reminiscent of a performer’s dressing room. Some items in the rooms, as well as throughout the hotel, were sourced from flea markets, giving them both a new look and a new home. Many round and circular elements are found throughout, poking at the idea of a circus ring. Each room also has a practical Blue tooth speaker, with a note suggesting to even take it outside of the room to listen to music on the go.

The lion tamer!

1500 Foodmakers, the hotel’s restaurant, serves breakfast daily. Consisting of a range of options, from hot food to cold dishes, accompanied by coffee or one of the many options of tea, there is no better way to fuel your day. We left breakfast feeling full every day, ready to take on the city. The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner for those looking for terrific meal options close by with Italian cuisine with an American twist. With the choice to sit outside on the patio, inside near the window, or even inside near a creative wall of mirrors, there is a nook at the restaurant for everyone. In the warmer months, Burger De Ville, an AirStream serving hamburgers, is open outside.

There are 1500 minutes in 25 hours – that’s how 1500 Foodmakers originated.

25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier not only caters to those staying there but is also active in the local community. Occasionally hosting events on the lower floor, and even sometimes acting as the set for photo shoots, 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier is a popular name in Vienna. One of the nights we were there, there was an event with live music and local shops showcasing their creations. On the top floor, there is even a rooftop bar, referred to as the “Attic,” with a balcony overlooking the city. Speckled throughout the bar room is unique decor, somehow all coming together to create the particular space. During the day, it is a great place to lounge and get some work done. By night, it’s a common hot spot for both locals and tourists looking for a place to grab a drink and chat with friends at the end of the day.

The rooftop bar – cozy inside, great views outside.

With a large relaxation area, you don’t have to go far to get some leisure time in. Upon walking into the “Mermaid Cave,” there are seats hanging from the ceiling, resembling a large swing carousel. Just a few steps away is an area filled with cozy beds for lounging. There are a sauna and steam room to enjoy as well. There’s also a room with some exercise equipment, in which yoga is offered a few times a week to hotel guests. The hotel encourages guests’ wellness by offering a jogging corner- an area with complimentary water bottles and towels for those guests looking to start the day with a run through the city. 25 Hour Hotels’ commitment to guests’ health really stands out to me – how many hotels can you say offer yoga to their guests?!

Chairs hang from the ceiling!.

“Come as you are,” 25hours Hotels’ slogan is the best phrase to describe this chain of urban design hotels. Having stayed at 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, and now at 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier, it’s easy to see why these hotels are successfully popping up throughout Europe with their unique take. Catering to both the modern traveler, as well as the everyday tourist, and even to locals, 25hours Hotels charms all guests with their attention to detail throughout their brand. When you find yourself in Vienna, Austria, I would definitely recommend a stay at 25hours Hotel Wien at MuseumsQuartier – the experience cannot be beaten! To view more information and to book your room in Vienna, please visit http://www.25hours-hotels.com/hotels/wien/museumsquartier.

Danielle Sheridan is a photographer based in New York City. View her work at http://www.daniellesheridanphoto.com.