5 Fabulous Products to Help You Travel Safely

Check out these essential and affordable travel-friendly products that are perfect to keep you safe whether you are flying or driving:

With so many different masks to choose from it is hard to know which one is best for your safety and health. Look no further than to HMNKIND masks. These premium quality masks are clinically tested, meticulously designed, protective, and are the compulsory apparel to show that you respect the people around you. The antibacterial fabrication of the mask is a patented wet polyurethane foam designed by K Beauty and skincare industry experts so your skin won’t break out. These masks are not only great for flying, but also for outside situations when you are among large groups. The masks are 99.9 percent antibacterial and prevent 99.9 percent of UV rays. What I really like about HMNKIND is the masks are super soft and comfortable — so perfect for a long flight or a day out. The company is eco-friendly, as it produces the masks with recyclable materials in the product and packaging design and gives 10% back of all sales to the nonprofit civil rights organization Color of Change. There is free shipping on all orders over $30 and sizes run from children through adult. Keep yourself and others around you safe as you travel, and get your mask at https://www.hmnkind.com/.

Wherever your vacation plans take you, having a travel-sized hand sanitizer is key these days. The ecological brand ECOFREAKS makes awesome transportable hand sanitizers that are produced with minimal ingredients, light scents or unscented hand sanitizer, and an aloe vera-based moisturizer. This product is not only known for its efficacy but for its convenient and accessible packaging. The company has creatively produced single-use gel travel packets, sanitizers with a keyring that attach to your kids backpacks, a specially designed car-cup holder, and an automated hand sanitizer that comes with your choice of a colorful koozie. As part of ECOFREAKS mission, the company strives to support the environment to make the planet a better place to live. Once you are finished with your hand sanitizer don’t throw the bottle away. Instead, order a refill pouch to help with sustainability! Sign up with your email and receive 15% off your next order. Nab your bottle at https://www.ecofreaksusa.com.

Earth Baby On-The-Go-Kit
When you are traveling with your little bundle of joy, you want to feel good about the products you are using. Say hello to the certified organic and non-toxic line Earth Baby. All Earth Baby products are clinically tested and made with only certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients. For your next trip, the On-The-Go-Kit is just what you need. This fantastic kit comes in an organic travel bag and includes: Broad Spectrum SPF30+ Sunscreen, Diaper Rash Cream, Hand Sanitizer Gel, and Aromatherapy Calming Mist. All of the products are gentle and effective for your baby’s skin and body. The creams not only prevent diaper rash and harsh UV rays, but they are super hydrating as well. The hand sanitizer is even safe for children’s hands so you have one less thing to worry about when you travel. Earth Baby is founded by Florence Nacino, a beauty formulation researcher, chemist, and regulatory specialist for worldwide brands who also happens to be a grandmother. 1% of all Earth Baby sales are donated to various commendable organizations that Nacino says focus on building a better tomorrow and impacting our community by fostering opportunities for the next generation. Free shipping on all orders over $35. Treat yourself to what is best for you and your baby and go to https://earthbabystore.com/

Patio Pack
If outdoor dining is part of your travel plans, then check out what Patio Pack has to offer. This 8″x4″ pouch fits easily in your purse, backpack, or even the glove compartment and comes with seven dining essentials: stainless steel straw, cleaning brush, washable cloth beverage napkin, mini linen drawstring bag with assorted hot sauce, mini linen drawstring bag with assorted sweeteners, mini refillable salt and pepper shakers with a flip-open gate, 2-in-1 ink pen/hand sanitizer, and after-meal sugar-free mints in a flip-top dispenser: everything you need for dining under the stars or in your car. The plastic zippered pouch is refillable so you save a lot of space not packing large dining items or condiments. Enjoy your meal as though you are in a restaurant, and order your Patio Pack at https://patiopacks.com/

Persik Pure Sky Cleaning Cloth
I never thought a simple item such as a cleaning cloth would be so helpful on my travels, but surprisingly it is extremely effective. The Persik’s Pure Sky Cleaning Cloth is the ultimate cleaning cloth for the road since it is small enough to fit in your handbag and all you need to do is to add water. No detergent needed! This handy cloth is great to have when you first board your flight and need to wipe down your seat and tray table. Even if you aren’t traveling, the cloths work great on kitchen counters and furniture — and you can take them to work if you happen to share a desk or office. The Persik’s collection of Pure Sky cleaning products was founded in 2013 on the philosophy of comfortable and quality products for travel, home, and kitchen. The cloths fold and roll up neatly so there is no reason not to have one with you at all times. You never know when you are going to need a quick wipe-down. Nab your Persik Cloth today on Amazon.

Bon Voyage!


Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
Telina Cuppari

Senior Staff Writer

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