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 Even though flight regulations have gone through more changes than Lindsay Lohan has boyfriends, nothing has changed when it comes to the dreaded jet lag that overcomes you after spending twelve long hours on a red eye flight from Los Angeles to London.


Jet lag is a combination of effects that occur when you cross several time zones in one single flight. For most travelers- flying west to east tends to produce the most dramatic jet lag, especially for those who tend to keep to a tight schedule.
With the development of No-Jet-Lag™, a tirelessly tested and proven natural remedy for the overwhelming sluggish sensation that occupies your mind, body and soul on international trips, there is finally a solution to sleepless nights and restless days.
No-Jet-Lag™ comes in a pack of 32 tablets and one pack is enough for up to 50 hours of flying time.More...
Created as a homeopathic cure to jet lag, this easy to ingest tablet contains Arnica Montana  Daisy, Wild Chamomile, Ipecac and Clubmoss, all natural extracts that when combined drastically reduce the effects of jet-lag such as dehydration, sleeplessness and fatigue.
Arnica -In No-Jet-Lag™ Arnica is used to alleviate injuries, strains, tension, over-exertion, mental strain and shock, sleeplessness and restlessness when over-tired.
Daisy – In No-Jet-Lag™, Daisy is used to alleviate muscular soreness, venous congestion, due to mechanical causes (i.e. sitting without frequent exercise), problems from waking mid-sleep and sleep interruptions.
Chamomile- In No-Jet-Lag™ is used to alleviate emotional and mental stress, sleeplessness, impatience, and intolerance and disorientation.
Ipecac -(Extracted from the root of ipecac -a South American shrub) In No-Jet-Lag™ is used to alleviate dehydration, irritability in chest and stomach and nausea.
Clubmoss- In No-Jet-Lag™ is used to alleviate anxiety, anticipatory fears, apprehension, over-sensitivity, inability to adapt to new surroundings.
No-Jet-Lag™ retails for $9.95
For more information, please visit www.nojetlag.com or www.travelsmith.com

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