Atlantic City: The Rock Spa® at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

It’s a good thing Mick Jagger didn’t seek inspiration at the Rock Spa® & Salon in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, or his hit would have been “I Can Get Great Satisfaction,” and it would have lulled us into a tranquil sleep. What sets the Rock Spa® & Salon apart is the same thing that sets the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino apart in Atlantic City: serious customer service, delivered by a dedicated staff who feel appreciated, know their mission, and put the guests first.

After a pampering day at the Spa, it’s not surprising to learn that each employee carries a small card imprinted with the Hard Rock’s mission that reads:
We create authentic experiences that rock.
Love all – Serve All
Take Time to Be kind
All is One
Save the Planet

1.    Practice honesty, integrity and professionalism
2.    Encourage everyone to maximize their potential
3.    Take personal accountability for getting results
4.    Create brand excitement through innovation
5.    Deliver Amplified Service!

Check, check, check. 

The soothing blue and white minimalistic spa décor enhances this very welcoming sanctuary—a respite from the exciting and fun (but thrillingly cacophonous) casino environment, vibrant with live and taped rock music, a world of slot machines, loud dice throwers, and spinning wheels.

I was welcomed, given a tour, guided to a locker, handed a super-plush and roomy robe with slippers, and soon found myself in the expert hands of Joanne, the spa’s massage therapist. Joanne’s hands were magically softer than the robe. The heated, adjustable, state-of-the-art massage table had the singularly most comfortable head cradle I have ever encountered. I am embarrassed by the number of special requests I had (“… avoid pressure here and there, and please wake me if I fall asleep so I don’t miss anything.”), but Joanne heard every word and crafted the perfect massage for me. I chose the “Heaven Scent” massage, which incorporated soothing essential oils. It’s one of more than a dozen massages offered by the spa, and it features a wide selection of “groundbreaking” massages in their special “rhythm & motion” rooms with special tables set below domes that use “amplified vibrations, pressures, and patterns.” There is definitely a rock theme in the spa! They deliver the ultimate amplified experience that “takes guests on a rhythmic massage journey—bass vibrations ripple through the massage table as treble beats come from above, sending pulses through the body and leaving you feeling energized and invigorated.”

Of course, massages are but one aspect of this full-service spa and salon. There is every service you can imagine for singles or couples, including a multitude of facials for men and women, a signature wet shave, a beard trim and exfoliation for men, and a variety of couples offerings, such as: Rock of Love, the ultimate four hours of champagne and bliss – or Your Body is a Wonderland, which takes you to the lavish couples suite where you will “paint your partner with nourishing rainforest mud and soak your stresses away in a delicious bath of Himalayan salt, juniper berry and geranium” before finishing with a couples massage and champagne or tea. From your hair to your toes, every part of your body can enjoy a large selection of creative pampering beautifications and treats. Perfect for wedding parties!

I floated directly from my massage to my pedicure with Purdy. Once again, I was impressed with the technician’s ability to welcome me, relax me, intrigue me, pamper me, and listen to my needs. I’m still admiring my adorable little cherry red toes. I enjoyed my time with Purdy, who is philosophical, inspiring, nurturing, fascinating and inspirational. She, too, listened intently to my individual needs. Had I wished to sit quietly and meditate, she surely would have gracefully complied. But I enjoyed connecting with her so much. I laughed when she pointed out that “All New Yorkers have been traumatized.”  I needed to see that all of the instruments were brand new and sterile, and she was happy to comply. Something made me mention the movie “Groundhog Day,” and she pointed out how surprisingly deep the story is. Yes!

Meanwhile, my hubby experienced the men’s side of the spa. Both sides are identical, each offering inviting saunas, steam rooms, lounges, and showers. They appear minimalistic, yet cater to every possible need. It’s shocking that four hours can whiz by without seeing a cell phone or even thinking about one in 2020.
The coed spa area is incredibly inviting, and my husband described the men’s side: “I was greeted by a pleasing, spicy scent with perhaps a little pine.  I felt immediately relaxed by the confluence of this aroma and the muted lighting that contrasted with the blare and noise of the casino. I was ready for a new experience. Eryk arrived to introduce me to the lavish amenities. The sauna was located in a lounge area where a section of the ceiling glowed with soft, recessed lighting.  The atmosphere was peaceful.  

I tried the dry heat room and then moved directly to the thermal pool.  The entire pool was boiling with powerful jets along the sides and compact, concave corners that allowed for individual, transformative, bubbling joy. I stretched and rotated left and right while the water pounded against my muscles.  It felt so good.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  It just felt GOOD!  

There was also a semi-circular shower in the corner of the room that allowed me to select the type of shower I wanted. I selected “TROPICAL RAIN” with light that changed from orange to blue.  There was a selection for “MIST” with a different color light. I did not select “THE ATLANTIC OCEAN,” which was the third possibility. I was able to shower and shave and there was a full array of men’s toiletries including body balm and aftershave lotion.”

Next time we plan to try a couples’ massage and use that pool together. I wish everyone, everywhere, took as much pride in their work as the staff at the Hard Rock Atlantic City. Hard Rock truly rocks! Cue the rock horns, and plan your next weekend getaway here.

Rock Spa® & Salon