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Traveling to your favorite summertime destination is both exciting and fun. But without the right beauty products to help you look your best, things can definitely go bust! Check out these amazingly convenient yet chic products that will take your next trip to beautiful new heights!

1) NARS Travel Brush Set, a luxurious leather brush roll featuring travel-size versions (with full-size brush heads) of NARS’ most popular makeup brushes. Retailing at $170, it’s a luxury purchase that will last fashion-forward travelers a lifetime! ([url=][/url])

2) NARS Multiples – A beautiful brush of color for eyes, lips and cheeks reminiscent of the sexiest cities on the planet! [b]South Beach[/b] – Shimmering Apricot, [b]Maldives[/b] – Pink Champagne with Shimmer, [b]Copocobana[/b] – Glistening Pearl ($ 36.50 [url=][/url])

3) Aveda- Environmental Compact™ – A girl can never have too many choices and with this handy dandy compact, you will always be prepared to look lovely! Eco System Friendly Bonus! The packaging and the container are both made up of recyclable materials! ($16, Aveda, [url=][/url])

4) Powder-Free Facial Blotting Tissues – Body Shop – Pocket-sized tissues to erase oil and refresh skin in one step. Blot on right over make-up. The ideal way to stay shine-free and sensational in the summer heat! ($10, Body Shop, [url=][/url])

5) Bourjois Effect 3D Mobile Cell Phone Charm – Place one of this adorable cell phone lip gloss charms on your cell and you will never forget to give your smile some gloss. A great way to get glam on the go! ($9, Sephora, [url=][/url], [url=][/url])

6) One Touch Facial Waxing Strips – De-fuzzing while on vacation is not only a drag, it’s a nightmare. Take these easy, painless waxing strips with you for instant relief of the scary hairy’s.
($5.29, [url=][/url])

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7) Tarte – Itsy Bitsy Super Sheenies Lip Glosses – When I travel I love to have options at my fingertips and with these interchangeable lip glosses the possibilities are endless and super glossy! ($25 for a set- Sephora, [url=][/url], [url=][/url], [url=][/url], Nordstrom’s)

8) Frédéric Fekkai – The Bon Voyage Travel Kit – Beautiful hair doesn’t have to take a backseat while on vacation. Experience luxurious hair care in convenient travel sized sets from world renowned hair care master Frederic Fekkai. The Bon Voyage Travel Kit features several of his best-selling products in one easy to pack kit. Some of the highlights are the Shea Butter Revitalizing Moisture Wash, Shea Butter Crème Luxueuse and a convenient, well crafted Travel Case. Whether you are going for shine, conditioning or color care, traveling with your favorite products is simpler than ever. ($75- Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel and Frédéric Fekkai Salons & Spas)

9) Jouer Cosmetics – Beach Bunny – I love to layer on color during the summer. Shimmer shades on eyes, creamy shades on cheeks and glosses that gleam on lips. With the Jouer Beach Bunny palette, I can layer and so much more. Each individual compact simply slide side to side and snap back to back to instantly create a pocket sized customized palette whether you need a palette of eight while traveling or a palette of two on a night out on the town. ($25, [url=][/url])

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