Beauty Is In The Bag


It’s great that you booked that last minute deal on Expedia, and tomorrow you’re flying off to Kathmandu. We know you’re in a rush, but thought you’d be keen to avoid a few beauty bummers on your trip. Read on and toss these staples in your bag so your vacation pictures don’t scream that you were a squinting, shriveled, frizzy and flaky maniac abroad.

Carolina Herrera Eyewear

Carolina Herrera says the luxury is in the details. We couldn’t agree more, so don’t forget what could be the most crucial accessory you travel with – your sunglasses. Herrera’s attention to detail is evident when checking out her eyewear collection, which includes frames with mother of pearl inlays, Swarovski crystals and unique laser cuts. This pair, H374, is from her brand new collection and features a hand painted, Italian zyl frame with enameled metal accents. Pop on a pair and you might have paparazzi pestering you from your chaise next to the pool.
Visit for retail locations.

Balance Water

Listen, dehydration ravages your looks. You get sunken eyes, doughy skin and fatigue easily – not beauty boo-boos you want to deal with on your vacation. Balance Water has not only bottled the cure, simple H2O, but their Water for Traveling also includes a dash of flower essences to ward off thirst and the travel stressors at the same time. Similar to Bach flower remedies, this beverage includes six Australian blooms to beat traveling blues, like Crowea to calm and center, She-Oak to balance water retention and Mulla Mulla to fight harsh sunlight and radiation. Seems like these flowers (which are tasteless) have got your travel woes covered. Available at Whole Foods markets.

FHI Heat Hot Sauce

New York Fashion Week was hot – and apparently humid too, judging by some of the chaotic coifs strutting down the runway. If you’re opposed to frizz as much as we are, but still want to lounge lovely in Key West or another humid destination, turn up the heat of your flat iron and slather on FHI Heat’s Hot Sauce. A two oz. Tabasco mimic, this concoction of crystallized jojoba and other smoothing ingredients lends moisture back to your hair, so the dew point doesn’t mess with your tresses. Available on

Carey & Co. Ingredients

If you’re heading to a warm and sunny location and it’s only April, chances are you’ve still got some dry and flaky skin on your legs that’s screaming “tourist!” Take your exfoliation on the road and throw a travel-sized jar of Carey & Co.’s Ingredients Ultra Moisturizing Scrub in your suitcase. This salt based scrub will slough off the old skin and prep your limbs for exposure with scents like Lavender/Mint, Citrus and Spice and Patchouli/Pine. Available on

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