Bermuda and the Pompano Beach Club: A Match Made In Paradise

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Whether you visit Bermuda in April for the spectacular whale-watching season during spring break, or during any other time of the year, the Pompano Beach Club in Southampton Parish is a destination in itself as the ideal base for exploration. This expansive, welcoming beachside resort has something for everyone of all ages: a pristine beach, verdant Port Royal Golf Course, tennis, 2 gourmet restaurants and poolside lunch service, 3 hot tubs, wading pool, spacious suites with jaw-dropping views, a heated pool, ping-pong and pool, board games, a fitness room, reading room, incredible spa, and even more.

The resort has repeatedly garnered Certificate of Excellence Awards: 6 from Trip Advisor and a World Travel Award too. Foodies will savor its fresh fish dishes, and guests can even arrange to go fishing with others at the hotel on a chartered boat. My son opted to do it and caught a Horse-Eye Jack, a Chubb, a Grouper, a Double Strawberry Fish and a Blue Parrotfish. When he returned with his fish bounty, the hotel’s kitchen staff expertly showed him how to prepare the fish for cooking, and then pan-seared them for him for lunch and dinner. That’s the very definition of fresh, and the chefs are excellent.

Grab one of the resort's white rafts

Grab one of the resort’s white rafts

This is also a place where you can spend days enjoying the property’s various offerings and friendly staff, and never tire of the exquisite views. Swim at the heated pool, where various smoothies are created on demand at the Coral Reef Café — and seafood wraps and other delicacies are delivered to your poolside umbrella table. Soak up the sun at the beach, where you can easily swim in April. Parents with young children will find sand castle-building equipment and floats, and will appreciate the free game room, which offers air hockey and arcade games. Snorkeling equipment can be found at the front desk.

Dramatic night skies viewed from the resort’s pool area.

Wedding parties and honeymooners will definitely want to hit the spa for pampering treatments and mani-pedis, and the fitness room with its inspiring ocean views for sunrise and/or sunset workouts. The Ocean Grill and Cedar Room restaurants also overlook the Atlantic Ocean’s ever-shifting color displays of teal, light blue, sky blue and navy hues. From dawn to dusk, the lighting and colors in Bermuda are incredibly gorgeous and stretch beyond description. Buildings are painted in pastel colors, and roofs are uniformly white, so the result is exquisite. To hurricane-proof the island, many structures are made out of a lovely, sturdy limestone that looks like ancient stone. And at night, there are so many stars hanging over the Atlantic Ocean that you’ll feel as though you’re in a fairy tale. You’ll be able to see them from the balcony on your suite before you settle in to dream.

Incredible blue hues

All 75 of Pompano’s rooms offer ocean views and spacious accommodations, which is a refreshing alternative to the overcrowding at many other Bermuda resorts. Rooms also have all of the amenities you would want or need, including individual temperature control and panoramic ocean views.

To explore this friendly island where people are always waving and beeping hello to each other, you can rent a Vespa, moped or bicycle – or ride a ferry, or hop on one of the huge pink buses that provide easy access to all parts of the tiny country. Hamilton is the major city, and the country is divided into 9 parishes. Southampton and Pompano Beach Club feature beautiful beaches and are situated within easy range of the Royal Dockyard’s quaint shops and boats-for-hire.

There’s a British vibe in Bermuda, underscored by the fact that everyone drives on the left, there’s plenty of Cadbury chocolate, and you can purchase digestive biscuits. Another clue: the enormous picture of the Queen that graces the airport wall. It’s also a place beloved by actor Michael Douglas and actor/director Clint Eastwood, as both own sprawling properties there. Be sure to try the local fish stew, which is flavored with dark rum and topped off with a spicy oil mixture. The Mahi-Mahi, Tilefish, Rockfish, ginger beer and rum cake are all highly recommended.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to watch whales as they frolic, spout and flip their tails with impunity in the salty, cold Atlantic waters. They travel past Bermuda during the first two weeks of April, but if you visit at any other time, you’ll still see plenty of other amazing sights in the deep ocean: twisting sea turtles, flying fish (they exist!), long-tailed white birds that look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, and languid jellyfish. Not to mention unbelievable views of the shoreline, the ocean, and the sky.

You don’t need to leave the Pompano Beach Resort to commune with nature though, because birds will flit about you at breakfast – since they fly freely in and out of the resort – and fish will gather around the shoreline in the late afternoon. None of them bite, and you’ll be able to look down through the crystal clear water and see various types of tropical fish, some miniscule and some quite large. On the beach, I spotted a baby lizard, enormous snails attached to rocks, and gigantic beetle fossils. You’ll also find fresh aloe vera plants dotting the trails of the property, palm trees and bright tropical flowers. The resort is multi-tiered because it’s on a hillside so you’ll discover dozens of different views and photograph angles.

The most amazing feature of this resort is that it manages to feel like home to all who visit. Perhaps that’s why people return year after year. It’s a family owned and operated business, and that makes all the difference.

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