Boston UN-Common: The Ritz Boston Common


What can I say about the Ritz Hotel Group that hasn’t been said? After a brief slump, they seem to be back on track, providing excellent luxury rooms and prestige service. Nowhere has this been more evident to me than the Ritz-Carlton Boston Common.

Located at 10 Avery Street just a couple of blocks from the famed Bostonian Park, the Ritz Boston Common is all about one thing. Service. Sure, they have the marble floors, glittering chandeliers, large bathrooms, fantastic bedding…but what they really excel at is personal service. Don’t believe me? How about this one.

I left my mobile phone charger at home and needed to charge my phone. My travel companion was in the same predicament. We called the front desk to see if (embarassedly) someone could charge one of our phones in our vehicle with our car chargers. Mais Non! Proclaimed the Concierge. No sooner had we put down the receiver than there was a knock at the door. A very helpful gentleman collected our phones and said he would return post haste. When he came back, he had a charger that accommodated each phone. “We have about 50 types of phone chargers we loan out to guests,” he said with a grin. I call that service. With a smile. Or Grin.

Back to the hotel and its amenities. It’s posh without being severe. Comfortable and cozy. They have 24 hour room service and the menu is impeccable. They have a Bath Butler, in case you want your bath drawn for you, old school style. The rooms are very well kept and very well cleaned (This is a big one for me when traveling. Huge.). The Club Level offers light nibbly things and snacks from sun-up until night cap time. Additionally, the hotel has direct access to The Sports Club/LA Boston, Olympic pool and Spa.

Lots of places can offer you comfortable rooms and convenient location. But what is most uncommon about The Ritz-Carlton Boston Common is the blend of luxury, service and privacy…a staff dedicated to insuring you a flawless stay and the Ritz-Carlton tradition of, let’s face it, doing things just a little bit better than the rest.

Our Drawn baths serve as an antidote to jetlag for long distance travelers, a reward at the end of a successful business day, or the chance to pamper oneself.

A personal attendant will be pleased to draw the bath of your choice fifteen minutes prior to the appointed hour. Please place your reservation two hours in advance by dialing 8338.

[b]Bath Butler:[/b] [b]Boston Tea Party Bath[/b] Our fore fathers took tea and dropped it into Boston Harbor. This was an act of rebellion, but we have taken their idea and made it something decadent. This fragrant tea bath of lavender and natural sea salts will sooth your body from a day of shopping and walking the Freedom Trail. We have also added a choice of herbal tea to enjoy during your enlivening bath. There is no history lesson here, but relax and enjoy.

[b]Make Way For Ducklings[/b] If the ducklings in The Boston Public Garden could have this bath, they would never leave for the winter. This delightfully cozy bubble bath is joined by a playful rubber duck, a mug of hot cocoa or chocolate milk, and freshly made Ritz-Carlton cookies. No matter what your age is this bath will bring the child out in you.


[b]Isn’t it Romantic[/b] The puritans founded Boston in 1630, but this bath is not for the puritanical. Scented bubbles and rose petals would make anyone blush. Lay back and enjoy this delightful bath with champagne and strawberries and a romantic C.D. to set the mood. What a perfect way to start your sleep experience.


[b]Mars & Venus Bathing Experience[/b] What is that saying, “Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars.” Well, this selection of his and hers mineral salts come from the depths of the bright blue sea. These sea salts will cleanse the body and soul and give you a refreshing outlook for the rest of your stay. As part of this relaxing bath choose from our selection of magazines and compact discs to help sooth your spirit.


[b]Your Choice[/b] Our bath Butler will be happy to present our extensive selection of hand-milled soaps, made exclusively for The Ritz-Carlton. These unique soaps will be hand cut for you prior to your bathing experience. Let your mood make the choice.

The bath menu is available from 9am to 10pm.
Prices are subject to a 15% service charge.

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