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Top Five Rolling Bags For Traveling Fashionistas

A girl on the go just cant be caught with an ugly bag. Save the black and grey for dear old dad and the khaki for those Granola types with the cool strings braided into their locks. Your Manolos just don’t go with Tourister and you’re not going to apologize for it, or worse: yield to the uglies and be seen rolling an eyesore up to the first class ticket counter. These are our picks for the top fashionable bags that will look great and keep you from breaking your back (they’re all on wheels, darling!)


First up is Stephanie Johnson’s Wendy Roller Bag. It is perfect for a weekend jaunt and will easily fit in the overhead compartment, so you don’t have to check baggage. It comes with wheels and a retractable handle and has pockets inside as well as out.


Kenneth Cole is the master of chic simplicity. His 45″ Wheeled Garment Bag, though it does come in black…red is your sassy, sexy color!) features zippered shoe pockets, a hanger feature with wrinkle free garment restraint and fold out board at bottom of section so your to-the-floor sundresses don’t get all crumpled up. It’s also equipped with a retractable, locking handle and in-line skate wheels.


Nobody dresses a lady like Diane von Furstenberg. So who else would you turn to for feminine luggage decorated with hearts? Whether you go for the 21″ or 26″, you’ll wheel across the tarmac onto your private plane looking every bit the cutie. Interiors lined in a waterproof fabric of DFV’s logo.


Ok so sometimes you want to rock it all sporty-spice style and you need a sporty bag that is still unique. The Rawlings Duffle Bag On Wheels is great for short trips or treks to the gym. Inside you’ve got a large compartment with a separate zippered pocket. Underneath the bag there’s also large bottom area that’s great for keeping toiletries or dirty clothes separate. Easy-grip handles and in-line skate wheels make this a weekend hiker and biker girl’s fave. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a lovely Hermes-ish shade of orange, either.


If price is no object, and sometimes it just isn’t, The Louis Vuitton Pegase 60 is the bag for you.You’re a superstar and nothing less than that signature LV design will do. It comes with self-blocking expandable handles, top and side handles, and an adorable little padlock.

Whatever you choose, we know you’re going to enjoy being in a different kind of mile high club…the one where nobody rolls onto the plane with ugly, boring luggage!

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