Connecticut’s Quiet Corner at The Inn at Woodstock Hill

Quiet Corner of the Constitution State


Connecticut is the home to fall foliage, the Constitution State, Yale University, and of course, cozy and historical inns. Take a trip to Woodstock, CT to embrace a slower pace of living at The Inn at Woodstock Hill. This inn was featured in the One Royal Holiday movie from Hallmark and I see why, it’s pretty adorable! 

The Inn at Woodstock Hill offers 21 quaint rooms, a lush garden filled with blooming blossoms, and a short drive to the quaint town of Putman (a great area to antique shop and stroll around to the restaurants).

Photography: Sonjirose

After driving up three hours from NJ, I was checked in by the staff and given room 202. My room had a charming New England inspired feel with a floral canopy over the queen-sized bed and a wooden desk that overlooked the tulip filled garden. 


Photography: Sonjirose

I spent the afternoon writing at the desk as squirrels rummaged for nuts in the grass.

Photography: Sonjirose

I stepped outside to enjoy the red and pink sunset as the day came to a close. The tranquil greenery whisked my mind away to a state of zen and bliss as I went upstairs to catch some shut eye.


In the morning I checked out and made my way on the next leg of my adventure: New Milford, Connecticut. 


Final Thoughts


A vacation can be refreshing, affordable, and cozy at The Inn at Woodstock Hill. Woodstock is the perfect getaway this time of year with scenic views, delightful bites, and a little inn to call your own for a night or two.