Costa Rica: Relish A Private Haven at Hona Wellness Center

Whether you seek to imbue your health and wellness with more sustainable vibrancy, or meet a supportive community, find the ideal location for a new entrepreneurial incubator, enjoy adventure travel on land or water, pamper yourself with spa treatments, immerse fully in Mother Nature, or all of the above, the Hona Wellness Center is your destination. Located just a coconut’s throw across from a gorgeous beach in Dominical, Puntarenas, this retreat center is a paradise fusion of delicious food, lush nature, modern amenities, and friendliness.

Costa Rica’s slogan, “pura vida,” which means pure life or simple life, is fully embraced at Hona, with offerings such daily yoga classes, Latin dance classes, a Sunset Sound Medicine Journey, an Ecstasia Dance / Cocao Dance session, relaxing spa treatments, Systema / Russian martial arts, Body Cultivation Method (learning how to give and receive body work), and incredibly healthy local food from nearby permaculture farms and markets. In fact, often you can simply pick a fruit off of a tree in your surroundings and enjoy it on the spot. At the Hona Wellness Center, the foundation for health and personal wellness rests on four principal pillars: medicine, movement, community, and artistic expression, and everything you’ll find there reflects these values.

Rooms are modern, well-appointed, spacious, airy, sunny, and surrounded by aromatic greenery. You’ll find luxurious bedding and comfy beds in the rooms, and washers and dryers and a ping-pong table on the property. You’ll connect with fellow travelers from around the globe, fascinating and warm people who head to Hona for work and rejuvenation in an optimal environment. All rooms and suites have high-speed internet, king or queen beds, organic bamboo bedding, air-conditioning, hot water, pool access, beachfront living and beach access, surfboard storage, use of the co-working space, activities and meal packages.

An entire floor is devoted to yoga, which could also be used or configured for corporate retreats. As a result, Hona is a fantastic setting for a start-up incubator, or for a corporate team-building getaway. The burgeoning cannabis industry has a foothold in the area, as do agile tech start-ups, so consider a co-work situation at this center. An extended honeymoon would be memorable at Hona, too, as would a healing retreat experience to recover physically and/or mentally.

Between the stunning sunsets, surfing, pristine and wild beaches, and awesome people, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle in Costa Rica and at the Hona Wellness Center. Pricing can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Consider taking a month off in Costa Rica, if you can, as this place will quickly feel like home. There’s a two-month maximum stay limit.

There is also so much to do! Spa treatments range from head to toe, or reflexology foot massage and sugar exfoliations to effective, hydrating facials and head/cranial massage that will leave you relaxed and refreshed. You can also go jungle bathing in any of the many local rainforests, gazing upon butterflies, sloths, bats, wild pigs, raccoons, deer, monkeys, and more. Or go zip-lining through and over the rainforest, sailing effortlessly through ancient trees and green foliage. You can surf, watch whales, visit the Whale Tail beach, and try any of the myriad local restaurants to vary your culinary experience. Local permaculture farms and markets are well worth visiting, and there are so many incredible tropical fruits in the area that entire books are devoted to defining them.

Visit the Hona Wellness Center any time of year to co-live or co-work, as each season brings its own unique benefits. The rainy season is just as ideal as the hotter, sunnier season, since rainfall often comes quickly and then disappears just as fast, and the streets and parks and beaches are delightfully uncrowded. Costa Rica is lush year-round, alive with culture, nature, and welcoming people.

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