Cuddles at 3,000 Feet



I have a new favorite travel buddy! You know how you don't always get a blanket on airplanes and even when you do you're not sure when it last was in the washing machine? My feet always are freezing and I've found something I can't travel without. The Cabin Cuddler will be your new best friend on frosty flights and even provide comfort when you're delayed in the airport.


The cozy micro-fleece Cuddler has a "step-in" pouch for your feet, wraps your legs up, and folds over your lap. There's also a part that wraps around your shoulders and arms but the best part is that it's cut in a way that doesn't impede arm movement. You can type, read, write and not have to constantly be tugging at the blanket to keep it straight.


The Cabin Cuddler rolls up into a tube that slides right down the side of your roll-on luggage and you will miss it if you forget to bring it on a trip! It's compact, light, easy to clean, and warm in the overly air conditioned airplanes. I LOVE mine!

The Cabin Cuddler is available at

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