Driftwood Resort At Montauk



Montauk in the off-season is everything you love about the Hamptons – without the people that make you hate the Hamptons.

Chilly expanses of sand and piercing bright blue water stretches as far as the eye can see, without broken horizon lines punctuated by beach goers. There’s a clean, fresh breeze that makes you want to both pull your scarf in tighter and withstand the cold just to take it all in. Invigorating is an understatement; it’s a fresh start to the most arguably beautiful, if fleeting, season.

And there’s no better way to enjoy the sights, sounds and quaint isolation of Montauk than a stay at the Driftwood Resort. Far enough away from the main drag so you don’t have to associate yourself with the riff-raff if you don’t want to, yet a short drive away from all the shops and restaurants that give Montauk its fun and youthful vibe. The Driftwood sits on the water on what feels like your own spot of sand, making it the perfect destination for those who simply want to be on the beach. And when it’s a bit warmer out, you can enjoy the pool next to the shuffle board court if you’re so inclined.



Although off-season beach trips are usually reserved for romantic getaways when you’re all but forced to be on top of one another for warmth, I went with my good friend Milton who was as pleased with his Queen sized pull-out couch as I was with my Queen sized bed (that I starfished on all night). Can you tell I was ecstatic to get away from the confines of Manhattan?

The back door leads to a patio, chaise lounges and grills, where you can hear the roar of the ocean and see the beginning of the dunes. From there a path takes you directly to the beach. Once you’d had your fill of reading and drinking on the sand, there’s a slew of wineries and pumpkin picking/fall activities just a short drive away. It’s all so Instagram-worthy that it hurts.

My one regret from our stay was that we didn’t make our own food. The kitchen was spacious with a working stove, and was fully stocked with cooking essentials (there was even a casserole dish in the cupboard). The next morning I was incredibly jealous of the couple next door who was enjoying freshly-prepared scrambled eggs, and realized we should have cooked our own damn burgers the night before. The room itself was incredibly clean and aesthetically pleasing — the perfect escape for those who want a quiet night with the sights and sounds of the ocean all around.

Would I go back? I would hop on a train right now.


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