Feeling Good on the Go: My Essentials for Summer Travels

Despite my sun being in the homebody sign of Taurus, my inner calling draws to travels. Afterall my moon sign is home in Sagittarius, the wanderlusting archer who adventures up to New England for the weekend or spends a month in the scenic paradise of Costa Rica. Whether near or far, I pack my travel essentials in my checked bag and head to my next destination without missing a beat (or connective flight). And here I spill all my pretty little secrets to help you travel seamlessly this summer season.


Carry On: Level8 

A reliable suitcase is the key to traveling well. What I look for is ample space, smooth wheels, and a chic design to grab-and-go at a moment’s notice. My favorite brand: Level8 and their Voyageur Check-In Celadon. Crafted with German-made Makrolon, it is feather-light while being sturdy enough for throwing into my trunk or under my seat on the metro. When vacationing in the tropics my favorite feature is the wet and dry compartments. I can throw in sweaty leggings and bikinis in the wet section without the stress of my laptop or camera getting damp. My travel anxieties are quelled with the Level8’s safety guarantee. The TSA approved lock zipper keeps all my mind and belongings safe and sound as I zip from coast to coast. The Voyageur Check-In Celadon is a solid investment for summer traveling in 2024.


Undie Emergency: Panic Panties

Nether region emergencies are the worst, even more so when on vacation. I pack 18 pairs of undies on a 4 day trip because I just never know what could happen. A bit much? Maybe,  but I am not the only one who thinks about this. The folks at Panic Panties dreamt up this emergency panty for women who sleepover on trains, get their periods suddenly in Sydney, or simply need to freshen up for a hot date in Long Island. Panic Panties offer a peace of mind with clean undies that are hypoallergenic and easy to slip into a backpack or clutch. They offer something sexy with the Lace Thong or pragmatic with the Bikini Cut style. The best part is the premium fabric can be washed and reused again and again for any future mishaps. Panic Panties time after time will have your back(side). 


Clean and Convenient: Touchland

I love eating with my hands while traveling (save a plastic fork or knife from a landfill, ya know) but having access to soap and water isn’t always an option. So I reach for my Touchland Gentle Mist Lily of the Valley spray to sanitize all the germs away. Every spritz whisks me away to a personal spa day with aromas of watery lily of the valley, soothing sea salt, and sensual jasmine. I store my hand sanitizer in the matchy-matchy lilac pouch and lilac lanyard. This duo is perfect to hang around my neck or clip onto my backpack while hiking in Seattle or navigating crowds in New Orleans. I have no worries with Touchland in tow.