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In the air, on a bus, by the train. No matter how you get to your chosen destination, travel can take a toll on your tresses, and not having access to your usual arsenal of hair products while you’re away from home makes mane maintenance sometimes less than manageable. That’s when our latest hair discovery – Beauty-id – will come in handy.

Beauty-id was created by two hair care professionals, Claudie and Rino Jasper, who hail from Houston (by way of Paris and Amsterdam). The husband and wife team have numerous years of strand experience between them.

Claudie trained extensively in Paris and had her work with models from fashion houses such as Christian Dior appear in like French Vogue and French Elle; Rino studied business in Germany and hair care in Paris, where he worked for several top fashion magazines and houses as well including Yves Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci. As a neat side note: Rino was born in the Netherlands and comes from a family that’s made up of a long line of professional stylists (some of whom worked on members of the Dutch Royal Family), so he is very well-versed in the business of hair care. Since the couple moved to Houston, Texas in 1981, Claudie has continued to grow an impressive list of clientele that includes local TV personalities and members of the international social consortium, such as Carolyn Farb and Lynn Wyatt, while Rino runs the business side of their salon Prestige & Creation. Back to Beauty-id.

The company, which is based in Paris and Houston, was founded in 2004 after the product idea came to Claudie in between her many travels back and forth from the U.S. to Europe. During that time, she recognized that there was a real need for hair care products that would travel well and produce the same perfect results she received at home. So, together she and Rino developed an advanced line of individually packaged products that were specifically developed to freshly contain the purity of their ingredients. Each single dose package was designed to give strands a “fresh burst of beauty every time.”

The deluxe Beauty-id hair care system is made up of individual heat-sealed mini-packets infused with special herbs, fruits, and vitamins, which include ingredients such as kiwi, mandarin, olive oil, and shea butter, among others, and covers a full range of products including shampoos, conditioners, masks, and styling products that work for a variety of hair types. The four products categories are as follows: for All Hair Types (which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and volumizing lotion); for Dry Hair (which includes a nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and mask); for Stressed Hair (which includes a vitality shampoo and mask); and for Colored/Permed Hair (which includes a force & brilliance shampoo and mask).

The packets are sold in a full-size, jewel-box dispenser with 20 Beauty-in-Monodoses™ for daily use (which sell for around $15 to $27), or you can get them in an accordion-style Ideas-To-Go folder, terrific for travel, that contains six personalized Beauty-in-Monodoses™ for girls on the go ($8). In the U.S., these products are available at Nordstrom stores and specialty boutiques. For more information, log on to

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