Go Trump – The Website for Jet Setting Wannabes


How many people have filed for bankruptcy, opened a new business, and gotten engaged nearly every five years? Very few. Trump has mastered the art of succeeding and failing in both business and personal ventures. His name is symbolic of the ruthless and cocky attitude that many New York and Los Angeles residents aspire to. If you one of these hopefuls who spends too much money on watered down martinis at see-and-be-seen lounges and dreams of building grossly overpriced real estate developments, you’ll appreciate his latest business, the travel website Go Trump.

So, on an unusually warm Tuesday in February, the festivities began inside club Marquee. Naturally, more than a few heads turned when the man of the hour made an appearance just one hour into the affair. Yes, some may have been wondering what kind of hair spray a world-renowned real estate mogul uses (my guess in Aquanet), but most were just impressed that he showed up on time, for an event and a business that seems miniscule compared to other projects.

So, what is Go Trump? It’s a travel website with 60,000 hotel listings, most of which are categorized among three headings: airport, business, and family. This is more than a search engine, though. It’s a virtual trip inside the mind of a determined, crazed man who demands luxury and superior service everywhere he dines, sleeps, and shops.

Crazy he may be, but stupid he’s not. His healthy following is proof. The throng of media and Hollywood wannabes lurking in the VIP section upstairs prove Trump’s influence. Amid the crowded scene, behind the power hungry bouncer, and the sun-dress clad Miami girls, past the middle-aged Long Island and Jersey women, lay a seemingly endless stream of locals, with their eyes on the prize – success and fame. These folks are the next generation of decision makers, the ones who will work late hours to attain the types of positions that in a matter of years will afford them the power in a matter of years will afford them the power and luxury of reciting two powerful words, you’re fired!

The best feature of the site is not the search engine, or the fact that reviews are subject to Trump’s preferences, but the intuitive layout. There are many active sites that feature punchy reviews and links to travel deals, but few are easy to navigate as this one. Trump’s executives were obviously smart enough to realize that if the site isn’t easy to navigate, it might as well not exist. The attention span of every Web user amounts to mere minutes at best, no matter what the age.

But, anther practical feature that’ll set Go Trump apart is the partnership with Google maps, which enables users to identify where a property is within the city, before booking it. This is extremely helpful for residents of places like NYC, who are not accustomed to driving or non-grid cities.

So, will you travel Trump style? If you have to ask, you know the answer, and we have some serious work to do.


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