Halloween in Salem — Just a Broom Ride Away


The witch trials took place in 1692 in this charming, historic and dare I say bewitching seaside New England town.  Regarding its history, all you need to know is that more than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft, coined “The Devil’s Magic” and 20 of the poor souls were executed — many allegedly, by fire!

Today, the people of Salem admit that the trials were a mistake (Imagine: a product of mob rule) and they all paid a heavy price with deep scars that only tourism can remedy, refund and reinvent.


Follow the Red Line along the sidewalks to get you where you need be or want to be.. What I mean is above ground.  There will be plenty of locals and tourists who swarm around (some by magic) because this mystical place has another world’s lure similar to Hogwarts and perhaps Hades.

Keep in mind that you will be walking, as I recently discovered, so comfortable shoes are a must. Conjure up the heels later.  Mortals will find it a bit hard to park a car or even a broom so I recommend you do your research beforehand. Here is a good start.

I recommend that you visit the popular 3: Witch Trial Memorial, The Old Burying Point Cemetery and The House of Seven Gables.

These are my preferred picks.


When you are ready to hang up your hat and cape, I recommend the Hawthorne Hotel named after Nathaniel Hawthorne.  In the 1920s, the town’s business community decided to build this hotel to fit their particular needs and so many visitors.  It’s the perfect mixture (brew) of elegance, comfort and location. You may have to sleep with a tap or knock and perhaps a creaking sound off in the distance.  That’s part of the charm. Yes?


I surprisingly learned that several of the restaurants (specifically during this time of year) have a 3% Kitchen and Education Program fee. This means that you will have a partial tip included in your bill just for their kitchen staff…and perhaps for your server.  Witchy?  That is for you to decide.  I personally believe that gratuity is earned by the server’s expertise and hopefully the proprietor’s generosity.

I recommend that you read the menu (fine print) and ask at the door before entering any establishment.

Enjoy, be safe and beware this Halloween!  From what I understand, there are goblins on every corner of travel and tourism this season.