Hard Rock Hotel: Escape to Dine, Dance and Rock On!

In Cleveland, Ohio, in 1951, a disc jockey and radio host, Alan Freed, began playing this music style, and he referred to it as “rock and roll.” His announcement made the term popular. From then on, we got the name rock, pop, disco, techno and hard rock, etc., to describe the different genre — it all began in America. A remarkable collection of the history exists in New Jersey at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.

The first time that I reviewed the Hard Rock was over 10 years ago — it was the one located in Times Square — a grand stage and venue inside an historic building. I stood on the roof/marquee (pictured). The exact place where Elvis, The Beatles, Guns N’ Roses, as well as Frank Sinatra once performed. I was lucky to get a tour of the building and go outside of their second floor and see the amazing vista of neon lights and impeccable details from the Art Deco architecture on the building’s façade that many visitors cannot view from the streets below.

This time, I traveled to their Atlantic City location and discovered that we Americans still rock regardless of age. We created the music genre and here is what you need to know and go-go.

Their property in AC is nothing short of head-banging fun. It’s still keeping the groove alive and going with new entertainment, new performing groups, old school rock and classic accommodations.

What once belonged to Donald Trump and his abandoned Taj Mahal is now breaking sound barriers along with business even on a tired Monday — this happens to be the day that I visited. The music and energy is palpable from the boardwalk to the elevator banks and all the way up to the rooftop in both towers. It took me a good 45 minutes to find my room, but the journey was worth it — rock, dancing and life in general are all hard on the feet. Their museum collection keeps guests amused and entertained.

It is a museum and not just a hotel or casino. The choice is yours. Their collection includes pictures and outfits of Janis Joplan, Prince and Lady Gaga, uniforms worn by The Beatles, a guitar played by Jimi Hendrix, a motorcycle once trashed by Slash. The list and displays goes on and on from floor to floor. You should take notice and pay attention to the displays because most guests, as I observed, just walk on by to quote Dionne Warwick.

One of my favorites is this picture of Cher from the 1960s. Who doesn’t love and admire Cher? If you don’t know her history and contribution to the music industry, please keep it to yourself. You may consider her a pop singer but she also contributed to rock ‘n roll, along with many other like Sonny Bono and Gene Simmons.

There are also a lot of shopping options. I know that purchasing everything online with dispatchers like Amazon is convenient, however, nothing is better than shopping for a dress or suit in an actual store. Browse around. The selection in this mall is very high-end with all brand names and current designer trends. I guarantee that you will find something fabulous to wear. Sometimes old school is better than new age.

Guess who is coming to town?

Mötley Crüe — May 3
Victor Manuelle — May 5
Kelly Clarkson — May 10

As I mentioned, even on a tired Monday the place was jumping with live music and dancing. My experience has been nothing but positive and the hotel is easy to get to from anywhere in the tri-state area. With regards to dining options, read my reviews of

Council Oak Steak & Seafood and  YouYu Noodle Bar.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City

Photos Credits: P. K. Greenfield and Prince Estrada