In The Bag: Creature Comforts

Thanksgiving at your in-laws may never be comfortable, but we can help you get there a little more relaxed. Whether you’re traveling upstate or internationally this holiday season, you’re going to want to stay warm, well supported and comfortable. Good thing we’ve got the latest on a few products that will help make your home away from home an extra comfy one.

Anne McAlpin’s Veleron Microfiber Travel Towels

If you know anything about Anne McAlpin, she’s all about packing light. That’s reflected in her product line, particularly with her microfiber travel towel which has three lives as a towel, blanket and sarong. The towel folds to the size of a paperback in a convenient mesh carrier, but is able to absorb five times its weight in water and dries rapidly. You may not be headed to the beach this month, but we’ve all been in a skeevy hotel towel situation. Enough said.

Proceeds from the pink towel support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Supracor’s Stimulite Travel Pillow

This is serious stuff. Using fusion bonded honeycomb technology engineered in Silicon Valley, this is the ultimate in high performance shock-absorbing travel pillows. Prop your head up on this puppy and snooze without having microbial nightmares (it’s antibacterial) and without sweating it (the perforations in the honeycomb cells keep air moving and evaporate moisture). It’s also antifungal and mildew resistant, but should it come in contact with something yucky, it’s totally washable. Just one request, Supracor – make a u-shaped version so we don’t have to lean on the guy next to us on the plane.

Warner’s Unslippables

Bra comfort is an everyday issue, but it gets magnified when we’re traveling. Whether you’re problem is an uncomfortable underwire digging into your sides during a flight or stray straps slipping down as you’re shouldering around luggage, consider your woes over with Warner’s Unslippables. The bra straps are coated with a silicon pattern to ensure they stay in place, no matter what. The cups are also super soft and the underwire is lined with foam for added comfort.

Find at

Satsuma’s Bamboo Velour Throw

The perfect blanket to toss in the car on your next road trip, Satsuma’s velour throw is made from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. That means it’s not only warm, cuddly and cozy, but it’s antibacterial, earth-friendly and hypoallergenic, too. The company also has a great range of blankets for children if you’re traveling as a pack this year.

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