In the Bag: Fashionable Finds

You don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re on the go, and this month’s products prove it. Read on to discover soft-strapped laptop bags, cell phone headsets that look more like jewelry than anything else and clever, chameleon-like handbags.

Clark & Mayfield Metro Express Laptop Tote Bag

The Metro Express laptop tote is of the utmost quality, combining soft and forgiving leather-like straps, roomy compartments, a zippered center section and plenty of pockets to organize all of your loose items. For a laptop bag, it’s also unusually attractive – a classic black and white houndstooth pattern makes it a versatile option for travel that includes both casual and formal appointments. If houndstooth isn’t your thing, see if you can search the older patterns, chic red and brown variations not currently sold on the brand’s site. Find yours at

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Bulky blinking Bluetooth gadgets are not very stylish, and not so attractive on the female ear either. Good thing Jawbone seized the opportunity to create a sleek, high-tech alternative. Available in five color options (from basic black to Rambling Rose, a pearlescent pink), this device is 50 percent smaller than the original Jawbone and features invisible touch controls to maintain a smooth looking exterior. But there’s nothing frilly about what’s inside – NoiseAssassin technology slaughters ambient noise, reducing up to 10 times more noise than its closest competitor, the company claims – making it a great option to combat the roaring traffic you may encounter on the road, (stationed) plane, train or wherever your travels may take you. The piece comes with different sizes ear pieces to allow the user to custom fit the headset for maximum comfort. See all the options at

Miche Bag

Tired of wasting luggage space packing a handbag to match different outfits? The Miche Bag (pronounced Mee-Chee) is a revolutionary idea for women on the go. The idea is simple – a plain, black zippered handbag with trendy changeable outer shells that run the gamut from the Cori, an alligator-like shell, to the Shani, a zebra pattern. Shells are lightweight and fold flat to pack, then simply clip on to the bag by way of strong magnet hidden under the materials. The Miche Bag gets an A+ for creatively tackling this packing conundrum, however don’t expect a Prada bag – while it’s certainly more than wearable, it’s not the same quality you may have come to expect from your handbags at home. But all the better to travel with! Make your shell selections at

YMYL Holster

Here’s something a little different for you – heads will turn with a glimpse of the YM Holster, a pouch that allows you to carry small belongings in gun slinging style. Though not quite large enough to fit a passport (and you probably wouldn’t want to bring anything resembling weapon toting capacity on an international flight anyway), the holster is perfect for carting around identification, cash and music players in a secure way. Criss-crossed straps go over the back and around shoulders to prevent slipping and keep the pouch close to your chest. Get the 411 at

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