In the Bag: Feel Good on the Go!

I can’t count the times I’ve had to make late night CVS runs while traveling, for this thing or the other. Whether to combat motion sickness, soothe a sudden sore throat, or relieve achy muscles after a long flight. Rather than stress over the nearest pharmacy, pack these essentials and feel good on the go!

Pack Anacin to get rid of body aches, or a morning after hangover headache. Combining caffeine and aspirin, Anacin works fast to dull pain with an added pick-me-up. I found this worked as a fabulous hangover cure, and on vacation where over-indulgence is a prerequisite, it comes quite in handy! If caught with a bit of nausea as well, try Bonine for a quick fix. Cures nausea in all forms, including the symptoms of motion sickness, wherever you’re feeling it, Bonine will relieve it. Non-drowsy, it will relieve the motion sickness for 24 hours, one pill at a time.

As a former competitive swimmer and someone who loves the water, this Auro-Dri is key! Nothing is worse than a long, invigorating swim followed by painful swimmers ear. An official product of the American Swimming Coaches Association, Auro-Dri clears the infection of swimmers ear and lets your beach holiday remain pain free. Keep it on hand at the pool or the beach, on the go or at home.

I’ve long had a love affair with Sucrets. As a preteen, I would get sore throats several times a year and Sucrets soothe a sore throat quicker than anything else I’d ever tried. On top of that, they actually taste great! Sucrets Herbal is made with Green Tea and includes vitamin C for an extra boost. I keep them in my purse to battle a sore throat wherever I am! Along with a sore throat can often be a cough and for a quick cough remedy, I love Cold-EEZE Oral Spray. Containing zinc gluconate glycine, which is believed to attack and block the cold virus, Cold-EEZE is clinically proven to reduce symptoms of the common cold. Keep it handy in your carry on if you start to feel a tickle, or end up seated next to someone less than healthy to help guard yourself.

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