In the Bag: Going for Gold


Whether traveling to the Olympics as an athlete or spectator, be prepared for a golden experience with these products:

Pack perfect and represent the US team with’s officially licensed Olympics merchandise. Show your home team pride with the Nike US Soccer Striker II Backpack, the perfect bag to carry your soccer equipment on the road. For a smaller haul, fill the Nike US Soccer 2012 Team Gymsack you’re your travel necessities. Of course, attach a USA Olympic Team USA Shield Rubber Luggage Tag so nothing gets lost in transit! Find these and more Olympic items at

Sleep can be hard to come by when globe-trotting, but keep track of your z’s with the Zeo Sleep Manager. Worn during slumber, Zeo Mobile’s SoftWave™ sensor headband sends signals over Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android to monitor and rate your sleep. Upon awakening, after the standard stretch and yawn, you can analyze your sleep and see the break down between time awake, light, deep and REM sleep. Also included is the SmartWake™ alarm clock, which uses the sensors to find the perfect spot in your sleep pattern to wake you within a window of time you set. No heavy buzzing alarms, soft music or tones rouse you for a fabulous start to the day. I set mine to Daybreak and have actually enjoyed getting out of bed for the first time in a long time. Find your ZQ at

After a long run, long jump, or long flight, ease your achy muscles with Arctic Ease. A reusable, cold compression wrap, using a biodegradable cooling agent which keeps the affected area cool by drawing heat from the body. This eco-friendly wrap can be worn during a workout or whenever you need relief. When you’re done, just put it back in its pouch with a bit of water and it’ll be ready for its next use in a few hours! Get this in blue, pink, black or white at

The perfect accessory for the runner, iFitness Running Belts have a place for everything. The Ultimate Running Belts have a neoprene pocket for your phone or iPod, to keep them dry on a sweaty run, plus a place to stash ID and cash for the finish line. Fit your gels in the elastic along the sides, plus the extra small pocket for your keys. Plus the reflector strips for safe night running and toggles to hold your race number (no more safety pins!), this is a must have for the runner. Whether 2 or 26.2 miles, be equipped! Find these at

A favorite event of the summer Olympics is, of course, competitive swimming. I get so inspired every year and end up spending more time in the pool than usual. I treat my tresses with Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap. Use to protect your hair from discoloration and damage due to summer overexposure to chlorine, sun, wind and salt water. Deep conditioning, Swimcap keeps your hair looking perfect from Memorial Day through Labor Day! Pick this up at

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