In the Bag: Mom’s Arsenal


Moms are constantly on the go, whether it be with work or home. If you are a mom, or you have a mom, check out these products to make Mom’s life a little less stressful.

As we approach summer in the city things can get a bit… dirty. As a mom, this can increase tenfold with the kids. Always have handy a few La Fresh travel wipes. With everything from hand sanitizers to deodorizing wipes to SPF facial wipes, these are an eco-friendly way to keep yourself and the family clean, clear and dry in the Manhattan heat. As a part time actress in theater, I love the make-up removal wipes, which I keep handy at every show. No longer do I have to worry about a leaky make-up remover in my bag, or going out after a successful show in scary theater make-up! You can pick these up at

Aromatherapy is becoming an ever increasing important tool for well-being. Scent is one of our most powerful senses and more than any other, the right scents can change my mood, elevate my energy levels and transport me back to another time and place. ScentShots have harnessed this power – in a simple to-go format. Each packet is full of essential oils to aid in your current goals. Need a boost of energy? EnergyScent’s peppermint and citrus gives you that extra push! Watching the pounds (and who isn’t these days)? Notes of grapefruit in ThinScent help curb appetite. These packets are resealable – reusable for up to 90 days. Unlike other options on the market, there are no worries about added calories or organic vs. inorganic – just sniff and go! Slip a couple of these in your bag and you’ll be able to keep up with the most rambunctious of 4 year olds! Grab these at

Nothing charms a child more than expensive electronics. The caveat here is simply, they’re expensive! And children aren’t known for being gentle. Wrap your iPhone in LifeProof’s waterproof, dirtproof case. Repels sticky fingers and saliva just as well, once encased in this Fort Knox of a case, let the children play! This comes with an adapter so you can still plug in your ear buds and the touch screen is still perfectly accessible and works as if nothing is covering it. Keep every inch of your phone protected while you keep the tot entertained with an episode or two of Yo Gabba Gabba on a long drive. Pick this up in black, white, pink or purple at

Countless times I’ve wished my bag were just a titch bigger to fit this or that, which is why I love RunRunRun’s eco-friendly line of shoppers and totes. The fold down small enough to fit in my purse, but are big enough to hold everything I may acquire over the course of the day. For a mom, carry the kids snacks in one of these and then fold it up and tuck it away in your purse once it’s empty. Or keep one on you at all times for a quick run to the store. I like to swap out my heels for foldable flip flops I keep in my bag, and these are perfect to unfold and carry them with me. Find these in many cute designs at

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