In the Bag: Resolutions

Every New Year we resolve to change habits that have gotten in our way or just irritated us in the year before. While most resolutions seem to taper off by February, I’ve found some fabulous products to keep me on track!

Resolution 1: Meditate!

For years I have heard of the benefits of meditation, yet the art of it has always escaped me. Numerous friends and colleagues have expressed how meditation has turned their lives around, or simply just made the day to day stress free, and here I was getting stressed because I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Until Learn to Meditate in Two Minutes – for the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient came into my life, that is. Meditation expert Sheevaun Moran boils down meditation into an easily digestible and simple routine, and in only 2 minutes! Perfect to boil off any lingering stresses from the holidays or impending credit card statements. For the weary traveler, take this on your next flight and leave your anxiety at the airport! Available at

Resolution 2: Gratitude

When things get tough it can be especially hard to remember all the wonderful things that have gone right. Sometimes a day can start out wonderfully then turn sour so quickly that we forget immediately all we have to be grateful for. I was so happy to find Write It Down! Journals Unlimited’s Inspirations – A Gratitude Journal. This journal has a space for everything, to easily list your gratitudes and any exciting or magical moments throughout the day. I love ending my day with this journal and reminding myself of all I have to be grateful for. There’s also included a large section for notes and items from the day, perfect for the jet setter looking for a place to record their latest trips. I’ll be taking it with me on my next jaunt! Find this at

Resolution 3: Enjoy the little things

Sometimes it can get so hectic that we forget to stop and smell the roses – or stop and listen to our favorite tunes. My iPod is always with me, but I usually end up spending most of my listening time untangling the mess of a knot my earbuds have managed into. No longer with chicBuds Fauvette Earbuds. Super stylish, these buds are retractable. No more tangles or damaged earbuds. They come in a reusable tin with several sizes of bud, which suits my oddly small ears wonderfully. Available at

Resolution 4: Finally do something fun with my hair!

No secret: I hate my hair. Perhaps hate is a strong word, but I seem to never find anything fun to do with it. More often than not, it ends up in a boring pony tail. Though pony tails don’t have to be boring, and Pulleez certainly helps to create a fashion forward look. Super cute and snag free (can I just say how much I love not pulling my hair out anymore) these are an absolute hair necessity. You can find them in many styles at

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