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You can complain about a lot of things when you live in Los Angeles, but the weather isn’t one of them. Inhabitants of LA enjoy almost eleven months of blue skies and balmy weather, but once the winter skies turn dark and stormy, many of us start thinking about skipping town. Take the entire family to San Miguel, Mexico for Christmas…or perhaps it’s the snappy urban environs of London that’s more your style…or if you’re really adventurous, you may’ve been dreaming of sipping espresso on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. If you haven’t already been dreaming about an exotic getaway, you will be once you visit the Traveler’s Bookcase.


The Traveler’s Bookcase is nestled into the trendiest part of Third Street, two blocks in either direction from Toast and Sushi Rook; it’s worth taking a little stroll after you eat to find this travel-focused bookstore. An independently-owned shop with friendly and well-informed owners and staff members, you’ll find yourself taking a trip back in time as you peer inside the display windows to the quaint little travel book-lined shelves inside.

The small shop is always full of customers willing to share travel tips and advice about their recent trips to exotic locales like Algeria and Chile. They swap stories underneath the four clocks on the wall that tell the current time in Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo. The store is well-stocked with travel guides, travel journals, and maps to just about any city you can think of from around the world. And if your idea of travel is simply to go from your office to your home, the Traveler’s Bookcase even has a few trinkets for you – including globes of all sizes for display.

While at the shop, check out the hippest new travel guide to hit the market, the Wallpaper City Guides by Phaeton. This pocket-sized guide is a must-have for any globe-trotting wannabe.


The Traveler’s Bookcase also carries the Jetlag travel guides which feature hilarious travel advice for countries that don’t exist — but who cares! It’s the perfect birthday gift for anyone who loves to laugh. You can even pick up travel trinkets like folding toothbrushes, sleep masks and Oscar & Den’s On the Move Travel Survival System, featuring aromatherapy oil and soothing eye gel, a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite bi-coastal family member.


The Traveler’s Bookcase is located at 8375 W. Third Street (323) 655-0575.

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